Aurora for Mac PowerPC (The Missing Fox) – (AuroraFox Project)

Aurora 15.0a2

I was almost finished another post about Browsers, because Mac PowerPC users like to browse around and suddenly I got great news on my Twitter account that AuroraFox released the new Aurora 15.0a2 on July 6th and right away I downloaded this new version and it seems to be working like a well oiled machine:  very stable and fast with the same great layout!  Having Aurora in my PowerPC ensures that I won’t miss Google Chrome because it’s equally as good as Chrome.  These guys aren’t playing around, for more info take a look at:

Aurora (Free) 10.5 Leopard – –  The modern browser for PowerPC Macs.

I know that this is the third post about Aurora, but I felt I had to share the news of this update with you guys because it’s yet another compatible program for the PowerPC community.

eBook for Mac PowerPC + PowerPC U

Today, we’ve got great news for our readers.  One of our regulars (PowerMac4Ever) gave us the great idea to convert our blog [MacPowerPC] to an eBook, so our users could have a reference guide for their PowerPCs.  We confess that in the beginning we thought that it wasn’t going to happen.  After we sat and put some thought and some research into it we realized that it could be really cool to offer an eBook to our loyal fans.  For a limited time, we are offering the complete MacPowerPC blog in PDF format absolutely FREE as a sign of appreciation to our diligent readers.  All we ask is that you subscribe to our blog and we will send a copy to your e-mail.  Should you want to offer a small donation to help keep this blog alive, we appreciate your support!

The benefits of having the blog as an eBook are that it can be saved onto any device and taken with you, wherever you go!  Subscribe now and get for Free your copy of eBook for Mac PowerPC.

Thank you PowerMac4Ever for the great idea!!!

Also we have a new page called PowerPC U >   This is a place that you can share all your favorite apps/blogs/doubts/etc.  Take your time to browse around and share with us  your results and what applications your PowerPC can’t live without, and want your fellow PowerPCers to know all about them!

Browser for Mac PowerPC (revisited)

NagaraBrowser / Stainless Browser for Mac PowerPC

It’s really hard to say which browser is the best option for PowerPC these days, it’s a never ending forum.  Today we can not complain about it anymore because we have  some great options.  I believe TenFourFox ( is installed in 11 of 10 PowerPC Macs around the world and it’s probably one of the most powerful and updated options today and runs in G5/G4/G3.  Also Aurora, that just came out for PowerPC,  seems to be the promised one.  I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and I always have 4 tabs + google and it didn’t crash once!  So far it seems to be a very stable browser.  We can not forget to mention Camino, which is another good option and before this list starts growing (thumbs up) let’s mention some names that are not quite as popular but they deserve to own a place in your hard drive.

NagaraBrowser (1.0.1) (PowerPC 10.2 [way to go Jaguar] or later) –   The nicest thing about NagaraBrowser is the full screen view mode.  You also have your entire desktop to work as a browser and you still have all access to your docks.   Also, you can open any search web site like GOOGLE for example and leave it as a wallpaper in case you need to do some fast research,  you just press the short cut (command + tab) and bingo, it is ready for you!  Having all your research as wallpaper makes your life really easy when you are reading and writing at the same time!

Stainless (0.8) (PowerPC 10.5) –  I like to use Stainless because it’s very fast, very stable and it has a very nice layout.  It kind of looks like Firefox but the Bookmarks are in the left side (vertical).  I’m not quite sure how long they will keep updating this software for PowerPC compliance, but let’s hope that our community gets bigger and bigger not only for those that already have a PowerPC Mac but also for those that own an Intel and want to have a second machine running side by side.  I also enjoyed parallel sessions which allow you to log in using different credentials in separate tabs at the same time, that’s awesome new feature, not even Google Chrome has something similar.

EureKalc (advanced calculate) for Mac PowerPC

This app is most certainly designed for that special someome…but until now, I’ve not been able to ascertain who!  I’m not quite sure if you guys will like it or even download it.  I will be very honest with you:  I didn’t get it.  I didn’t waste my time because I know I wouldn’t use it anyways, I have no idea how to start it and I have no purpose for this app in my computer.

I was so happy when I finished school because math was somewhat entertaining and challenging, and then it slowly became a pain in the butt.  But I thought if there is someone “lost” out there looking for something like this app called EureKalc, enjoy it because is compatible with PowerPC and it seems that it does what it’s supposed to do.  It’s a very advanced scientific calculator.

EureKalc – 3.0.01 – (Free) PowerPC 10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5. – (not working)


*Calculate with physical quantities (numbers with units)
•Calculate with lists of numbers (sequences and vectors)
•Use complex numbers (NEW IN THIS VERSION)
•Present results in the form of tables and graphs
•Use variables and own functions and use them in your calculations
•Access easily physical constants and data sets
•Write equations in a normal algebraic notation
•Edit, duplicate, merge… equations
•Transform equations using a vast set of algebraic rules
•Calculate derivatives of functions
•Present your work in a neat and structured lay-out
•Export your pages as PDF
•Export pages or equations to LaTex
•Export results of your calculations (to use in Excel for instance)

FormulatePro for Mac PowerPC

FormulatePro 0.0.6b

In my last post we talked about Skim (a really good PDF Reader) and I thought it would be more fulfilling to add this great utility that will help you to fill out the blank spaces on your PDF file.  As I mentioned before, I don’t handle PDF files too often, but this app is probably quite beneficial to have installed in case you ever need to fill out and print online forms, as filling out forms by hand can be tedious at the best of times!

Formulate Pro 0.0.6b (Free) (Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5) PowerPC –

Skim PDF Reader for Mac PowerPC

Skim PDF Reader for Mac PowerPC

This is a light post.  Actually, it’s more like a mention than a post and I will be honest with you…it’s because I don’t use PDFs a lot so and I already have Preview installed, so using Skim isn’t a necessity.  I don’t like having extra/unnecessary software or apps installed on my computer.  But if Preview doesn’t support your PDF file needs, you should take a look at this program.  Skim is not only a PDF reader but also allows you to create/edit notes on the top of your PDF, highlight important information, or just mark what is important so you can come back to all your notes and highlights later on.  I think these are very good features for students or those who are doing projects and gathering a lot of information.  Skim offers more features that will change the way you use/read PDF.

Skim 1.3.21 (Free) (Leopard 10.5) PowerPC –

Skim 1.2.7   (Free) (Tiger 10.4) PowerPC –

iBook Guy for Mac PowerPC

iBook Guy For Mac PowerPC

Has anyone ever heard about the iBookGuy?  Well if not, I think all PowerPC users should visit his web-site –, he has many tips about how to get the most out of your machine.  He’s also got tips on how to disable a few tools that you probably won’t use very often, so that way you will have more free memory ram.  When visiting this web-site,  check out the “video production” he made.  It’s a kind of reallity show/Podcast (A Week With a G4 – Are They Obsolete?) showing us how a G4 user can survive these days with an iBook G4, it’s very cool and totally worth spending some time to wacth all the videos.  He also offers some services like fixing, selling parts, etc.

For more information, keep an eye on our blog as we are working hard to keep bringing you more and more options for your favorite PowerPC Mac.

* iBook Guy –

Wunderlist for Mac PowerPC (Task Management)

Wunderlist for Mac PowerPC (Task Management) 1.0.0 / 1.1.1

I took this Saturday, a good day off to make few extras post to upload during the weak, we know sometime the day pass by and we are very busy having our day-by-day responsibilities, work, home, blog, bills, appointments, grocery stores, concerts (of course) and etc.  You probably  know very well for having your own.  If you browse at App Store you will find tones of todo/task management things for Intel, but we are not allowed to use App Store, so we have to find our own way to get things done and we need to keep our day-by-day organized using PowerPC machines.  After browsing around I have found this app called Wunderlist that is available for PowerPC, it’s very easy to use and keep all your task organized, with this app you will be able to manager all your appointments and even sync with your devices like iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad, Blackberry, etc.  There is a really cool feature that you can ask for help with your Twitter or Facebook friends or even send by e-mail what you need to do and who could help you with.  I have to say this Cloud sharing and the synchronization with the devices are really good.  It would work very similar to iCal on iCloud.

I also need to point out the layout is well done, it’s an app that they took very well care about the design, it totally could be an Apple application and best thing “IT’S FREE”.  It’s very light to run, it uses about 50MB of RAM only.  I think the only downsize in this app is it doesn’t have alarm or reminders (yet) but it totally compatible for PowerPC so no complains from my side.

Wunderlist 1.0.0 (PowerPC Leopard) –

Wunderlist 1.1.1 (PowerPC Leopard) –

After I finished this post I was checking for more informations about this app, and I found out they do have some product called Wunderkit, and this pack offers you more than a task management, but it looks they brought everything to browser, it looks like become an twitter account with task management, anyways worth a try:

Wundelist’s layout was inspired by David Allen’s best selling book “Getting Things Done”.


Aurora: “the next generation” for Mac PowerPC

AuroraFox Browse for Mac PowerPC

AuroraFox is on my G5.  I think/hope they fixed “whatever” was being a problem and not supporting G5s, and I’m anxious for the new update to come so I can start using this program on regular basis.  Yesterday, I got home from work and tried to download it again and suddenly it worked and launched with no problems at all.  So far I’m using it and like it.  I will keep AuroraFox as another browser option because I like to have 2 sometimes 3 browsers open to do different tasks at the same time.  Right now I have 3 tabs on: twitter, facebook and running, with no problem.

I like the full screen view and it looks like you can sync your firefox account with Aurora, plus mange the famous add-ons…

Well so far that is the news for the Monday, and you can download the version that is working for me from this link:

AuroraFox (Free) PowerPC Leopard 10.5 – or

Happy Surfing!

AuroraFox (Browser) for Mac PowerPC

AuroraFox 10.5 Fx for Mac PowerPC

Just browsing around this morning, I came across some pretty sweet news, Aurora (Mozilla Project) just released a browser for PowerPC users called AuroraFox 10.5Fx!!  Needless to say, I immediately downloaded AuroraFox and launched it, but for some unknown reason, it seems not to work on PowerPC G5 machines only.  I posted the news on Mac PowerPC’s Facebook page and some of the G4 users tried Aurora and it did work for them, and it apparently works fine.  I’d really like to share more information with my Mac PowerPC readers, but I don’t have a G4 machine and usually I like to test all the apps/software before I post them here, but this time I won’t be able to do so.  I think AuroraFox is a great browser and will be a breath of life that we PowerPC users have been waiting for, to keep our machines alive and working.

* AuroraFox (10.5Fx – Free) PowerPC 10.5 Leopard – or

* You can check the comments at

Evernote for Mac PowerPC

Evernote for Mac PowerPC (2.2.3)

When I found out that this app worked for my Mac PowerPC I was really excited and right away I installed it on my iPod Touch 8GB.  I think we Mac PowerPC users score one more point without having iCloud!    I highly recommend all PowerPC users try the Evernote app.  It’s the perfect solution to synching all your notes, drawings etc.  A great feature even allows you to take a picture of a document, make notes/mark-ups/edits to the Evernote, and then later it will be synched to your Mac.  You also can make and upload voice and audio notes, and share your notes with your friends on facebook and twitter.  There really is nothing quite like Evernote!    You can even create grocery lists and check off the items as you buy them in the store, or organize your favourite recipes, and then search by ingredients when you’re in the grocery store…makes shopping and meal planning so easy!  Gosh, I’m really hungry now! Most of the web-sites they released were for Intel only, but this weekend I was trying everything available for 10.5 and bingo, it worked perfect!  I immediately made my account and am ready to go!

If productivity means to be more productive, then Evernote is the epitome of Productivity because you can actually capture your ideas and inspirations on the go!

*Evernote – 2.2.3 (10.5 Leopard) –

And we have a warning, look at the picture bellow.

OpenMark for Mac PowerPC (test the speed of the video card)

OpenMark for Mac PowerPC (test the speed of the video card)

Before the week starts, let’s do a test with our Mac PowerPCs.  Download OpenMark 1.60 and launch the app.  Once it’s on, you go to the OpenMark menu bar and choose “Run Benchmark”.  After that, you just wait for a few minutes and this app will test the raw speed of the video card, drawing a variable number of triangles and generating a report with the machine score.  Feel free to share your score with us!   Leave your comments and scores and don’t forget to include your version of PowerPC.

*OpenMark 1.60 (10.3/10.4/10.5) –  Panther, Tiger and Leopard –


Cloud for Mac PowerPC (online storage)

Cloud for Mac PowerPC (online storage)

Recently I did some research about online storage services like iCloud.  This type of service is still something very new, so the options for PowerPC Macs are very limited.  While quite complete, Dropbox only offers 2GB of space, compared with 5GB that Box offers (though they don’t provide support for PowerPC) (  Google Drive also has joined the club, offering 5GB storage for free or provides you with the chance to upgrade to 25GB for $2.50 (reasonable price) ( but provides also no support for PowerPC Macs.  In order to use one of the previously mentioned services, you have to launch your browser first.

And here it comes the good (and not so new news):  Cloud is an interesting app.  The newest version 1.5.3 is for Intel only, but if you don’t mind to use an old version like 1.0.3 you will be able to do the same as the 1.5.3 does, upload files, share files with your friends, etc.  For the first time I will upload an app directly into this blog for all my followers to use:  You can download Cloud from this link: . I wasn’t sure how long the download site would keep this version on so I decide to upload myself using Cloud.  Their free account is very different than other online storage, so check it out.  I think you guys will like this service a lot!

* Cloud – 1.0.3 – (Leopard) –

Money Money Money Management For Mac PowerPC 

Well, money is something that we all need to pay close attention to, as it doesn’t grow on trees.  If you have a professional looking out for you, like a personal accountant, you should ensure you review all of your transactions.  If you prefer to walk alone, and believe that there is no need to involve a professional, you should attempt to take total control of your own finances.

Again, there are tons of apps for macs with intel, but the PowerPC has very few options, but we’re not totally limited either! I confess that I like to use iWork 09′ to organize my bills and do my budgeting because there are great templates that make it very easy to use ( after trying few apps I changed my mind).  But if you are looking for an app with maximum features, I recently found some great options.  The idea of this blog is to give you the cheapest or free “open source” options, but this time most of the apps that I found require you to open your wallet to start saving…or at least to start figuring out where your money is going!

* Cashculator – (ShareWare $29.95) – This app is not JUST another personal finance manager…this app helps you to focus more on your future financial situation, to ensure you go from rags to riches!  One of my favourite features allows you to not only keep track of all your bills, but you’re able to plan all your future expenses and inevitably, your financial future!  The best part:  It’s easy to use with a very user-friendly interface, and I have to confess the icon is really cool and very original – lol! PowerPC 10.5. – (The Apparentsoft is offering you a bunch of apps for a great deal, you definitely won’t regret this purchase!!  Not all apps are compatible with PowerPC)

* CheckBook Pro – (ShareWare $24.95 on sale til Dec/31 for $19.95) – If you prefer something more Pro with more features and tools, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one.  This app is full of features and it won’t make you pocket shrink either!  You are going to be impressed with how easy Checkbook Pro is to work with!  Works with PowerPC 10.4 or later (there is a chance it may work with 10.3.9 but unconfirmed). –

* Moneydance – (ShareWare $49.99) – This app is a full featured financial manager.  It’s more expensive than the others, and it does have few extra features such as online banking, online bill payment and it’s very easy to use.  PowerPC 10.4 or later (all the Tigers running around must be really happy, GO TIGERS).  –

* Stash – (Free) – It’s a simple and fast personal finance tool.  It’s easy to use and you can make multiple accounts, split transactions etc.  You check easy graphs and manage your payments and create schedules.  Believe it or not, you can do all this for free!!!  Works for PowerPC 10.5 –

* Motimotion Prospects – ($25.00) – Allows you to organize all your finances, with many different features including:  budget advisor, schedule transactions, reminders, balance reconciliation, filters and much more.  Also it does have up to three viewpoints that help the user to easily visualize the monthly information.  PowerPC 10.5 or later.  (they have other apps at ).

* iCompta – (ShareWare $25.00) – This app is really simple to use, it does everything that a personal finance accountant needs to do, without any secrets.  You will easily manage multiple currencies, also can be synched with your iPhone on a wireless network via Bonjour.  Another nice feature is that secure documents can be password encrypted, and it works with PowerPC (1.4 for 10.4), (3.3.6 and 4.0.10 for 10.5).  –

* SEE Finance – (ShareWare $29.99) – This app works for PowerPC 10.5.  It’s very good finance manager, easy to use and features include: Scheduled transactions, budget, in-depth reporting, investment monitoring, multiple currencies etc. –

* iBank – ($59.99) – I know, I know! This app is the most expensive of the list, but it does the job really well, with many great features and it’s the most complete personal finance app for Mac OS X (PowerPC).  Also you can download an iBank Widget to your dashboard for a fast view.  It’s very intuitive and the minimum requirements: 10.5.7.  If you feel spending a bit more money this app is a great option.

All the apps for personal finance appear to be great for organizing your personal finances.  All of them have great lay-outs, many import and export files QIF/OFX/QFX and more.  It’s really hard to choose one, the best way to make sure you find which one is ideal for your needs is to download all your favorites and take advantage of the free Trial Versions, so you can do a “test drive” in all of them.  Then the only thing you have to do is actually start saving money!  If you really get into it saving money and making budgets I would advise you to get a copy of Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s book.  Gail is the host of a fabulous and informative tv show called Til Debt Do Us Part, which really gives you ideas on how to budget and save!  You can read information on her own web site: and download spreadsheet templates direct to your computers there!

Don’t waste your time…make sure you get your PowerPC copy before the support drops out!

MacPowerPC is proud to partner with The Apparentsoft to award one of our readers a complimentary copy of CashCulator software.  MacPowerPC is excited to be your blog of choice and we commit to continuing our legacy of keeping the PowerPC operational!  Thank you The Apparentsoft for your support.  Marc, MacPowerPC Admin!

The only thing you have to do is send me an e-mail to macpowerpc

Video Plugin Flash Facebook PowerPC

A few weeks ago, I got a message that advised I wasn’t able to watch the a video on facebook, using a mac powerpc.  It looks like the flash/plugin it’s not compatible with Facebook!  The maximum flash update you can get is version 10.1 and to be able to watch Facebook’s videos, you need version 11.1.
Good news… Someone already looked out for us and created or modified the required plugin for mac powerpc users!
I did install this in my sister’s PowerBook running Leopard, and it worked very well!  Hopefully this will fix our problems in the future.
For more informations you can watch the youtube video here –
The link to download with read me –
With this plugin you will be able to watch Flash videos from Facebook on your Mac PowerPC, using Safari.  Hooray!  This plugin only works with Safari, but maybe soon we will be able to use with TenFourFox!
I really appreciate my PowerPC friend’s blog –  who posted this great news for all survivors of Mac PowerPC!  This just goes to prove that it’s not time to turn off our machines just yet…

Software for Phones PowerPC

I have a phone that I want to connect/send sms/sync with my powerpc, how can I do it?
First of all, see in the manufacter support page if you phone has a suite for mac, or an isync plugin.
Some Nokias and most Sony Ericssons do.If not you can try googling about it (Sometimes people do isync plugins, and there are the paid Novamedia ones.
Other options (not only to sync but to send sms,make calls,etc) are this programs:BluePhoneElite – you can download it and try for 14days, since it isn’t available to buy, contact the owner or use google for the complete version.MegaCellX – MegaCellX is shareware, so you can try the software before to buy it with some limitations. In order to eliminate the limitations it is necessary to buy it.

GSMRemote – This application is shareware (US $10). You can give it a time-unlimited test drive.

In the past I used bluephoneelite sucessfully with Nokia E51,E52 and others.And the others were the ones compatible with my black and white phones such as the siemens SL45i.

Android phones do airsyncing, read here:
There’s no need to buy app’s or isync plugins.

Thank you very much Skinniezinho (macrumors 6502) for sharing all this info with the Mac PowerPC family.  We all appreciate.
Thank you Erik for sharing with this app –  There’s also SyncMate by Eltima. I use this on both my Macs and it sync seamlessly with my WinMo phone –