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  1. Powermac G4 MDD Single 1.25Ghz Core 1MB L3 Cache 1.75 GB DDR SDRAM, Ati Radeon 9000 Pro (though i think about changing it to boost video/graphics performance)

      • It may seem it’s outdated but you actually can find numerous sources thru third world PPC users. But due to the monopoly that Intel and Microsoft has on the world of computers these day’s it’s near impossible to very easily get software for the PPC computers. Remember a PPC computer has the original Apple processor, for the past xx number of years it has become necessary to have a computer that has an Intel processor. Most likely you’ve notice for an Apple G5 that is a PPC based ((processor)) you can only go up to Leopard OXS 10.5.8, which means severely limited to the highest OSX of 10.5.8, but most likely you’ve seen problems where certain things makes it necessary to have an Intel processor. You have to research places like Adobe find the latest version of, Example Flash Back. If you check Adobe archive files you’ll find versions OLDER !!! that will work on your PPC computer. Keep in mind that due to the monopoly that Intel and Microsoft has has on world wide computers this makes PPC obsolete. The rainbow or light at the end of the tunnel there are several die hard PPC users who are very good at programing, thru their efforts they have really kept PPC computers out of the per say landfills. But do not give up to me personally my PPC computer I will never give up on. As a software programer with over XX number of years that PPC computer is still way ahead of Intel’s i7 processor, it will out perform any Intel processor. Example my 2.0 dual processor with over 20 Gig of memory is my dream machine. I can go up to 64 Gig memory if I want to, I have linked my JVC 200 CD library to it, have a multi cd/dvd bank of xx number of 1 Tbyte Hard drives, etc., etc.

        But I like serious complex things, and I mean serious stuff. The graphics capability basically unlimited, to this day hackers only screw with Intel/ AMD processor machines reason simple Intel processors are sort of very vulnerable to what I call sloppy back doors. Now if you were a hacker you’d know what I mean. As for me I deal with extreme high end security issues. I hate individuals who make people who commonly use their computers for simple stuff, but there are too many childish immature individuals who create bugs, viruses that intentionally do harm on, but there are also certain government agencies who are raising hell on the internet. This is where I come in other wise I’m like a fictional character “Sherlock Holmes”. The fictional character Holmes fought the per say bad guys. I have fun looking for these people sometimes I call it “I’m fishing”. Simple term I’m a hackers worst night mare, that hacker right now is thinking they can really screw up somebody’s life, they get off on it they like screwing with the internet. To bad if only hackers knew that they have the skills to really make some serious money, but instead since they are so warped, or what ever they elect to make life for everyone miserable.

        End result in short either upgrade and just become another person stuck in the monopoly and only enjoy using your computer as directed by certain people or continue to use your PPC computer and have to put up with the limitation of not having an Intel processor.

      • The real issue is that APPLE threw us to the dogs and expected that we would all run out and spend thousands of dollars on their overpriced INTEL based MAC’s. Not me. When my old PPC G5 with 12 gb of RAM and 2 – 2 TB Hard drives will no longer process photos for me then I will vote against MAC and go back to a buggy Windows unit.

      • Same quad,except apple have a watch that seems too hold the time & date anywhere you wanna be,go,except ,yunno this G5 quad jeeps kicking me out too use the iPad,various unknown reasons,because if I dare too suspect it does exactly that!…oo!

    • IMac G5
      PowerPC 8.2 2.0 GHZ
      2gb ram
      250 GB HD
      Leopard 10.5.8

      Romania / Bucharest

    • I have 2 of these, one working perfectly, and my cat broke my old iBook, which now lays in pieces. The working one, which I’m using to leave this reply, makes a perfect travel companion and school computer. I also have a ton of games working perfectly on it and a ton more working on System 7 in Mini vMac. I use my Book G4 more than my 2 PCs.

    • I have a Powermac G3 Blue and White edition running OS X 10.4.11 and it’s starting to struggle, the new hard drive I put initial helps a lot more than the stock 6GB(now it’s a faster 100GB) and a video card is on the way, I might upgrade the processor to a G4 processor eventually

  2. iBook G4, 1.2ghz, 10.4.11 and MintPPC. Tenfourfox with downloadhelper and flashvideoreplacer extensions, Camino and Omniweb, Office 2004, Mactubes and Youview for youtube. Coreplayer allows me to playback and stream 720p HD video on this old mac. XMBC gives me Al Jazeera and Vimeo in HD. Classic gives me access all of my classic apps and files created over twenty years of computing. PowerPC forever.

  3. -Powerbook G4 15″, 1.5 GHz, 1.5 GB ram, 80 GB HD, Superdrive, 10.5.8
    -Powermac G5 2.5 GHz, 5 GB ram, 300 GB HD, Superdrive, 10.5.8
    -iMac G4 15″, 700 MHz, 1 GB ram, 80 GB HD, Superdrive, 10.4.11
    -iMac G3, 500 MHz, 512 MB ram, 80 GB HD, CD-rom, 9.2.2
    -Mac LC II, 16 MHz, 2 MB ram, 80 MB HD, CD-rom, 7.5.5

  4. Still enjoy my emac G4 700Mhz model cd rom model.

    It does tasks ok.

    Please Keep mac PowerPC alive.

    Its not fare for high end G4 and G5 users to misout on modern fun

  5. PowerPC macs are 4 years behind in software

    Intel macs are currently up to date.

    There’s no new software for PowerPC macs.

    Is there any game projects for mac powerpc?

    Im looking for good games for mac powerpc?

    PowerPC macs have missed out on lots good games compared to windows side.
    For example no grand theft auto for powerpc macs.

    We need to come up with some good GTA 3 clone for PowerPC macs
    How about Power Theft Auto.

    I can’t find a GTA 3 clone for mac PowerPC.
    Im limited

    I still like my beloved emac 700Mhz it plays games well it has a sharp flat crt screen.

    A flat CRT monitor would be hard to find on the PC side.

  6. I’m Polish, and even though we did not have to sell Apple computers with PowerPC processors, however, I am fascinated by them and write a similar blog.

    1. iMac G4 1.25, 1.25 Ram, 80Gb HDD and Leopard on it.
    2. iBook G4 1.20, 512 Ram, 30 Gb HDD and Leopard on it.

    • While Microsoft (and even Apple) has everyone thinking that x86, CISC processing is the way to go, the Power architecture and its ARM/RISC brethren are quietly taking over the world (and even Mars). CISC is a great platform for lazy coders, but RISC (and especially vector-processed RISC) processors are the best bang for the buck there is when they coding is done well.

  7. Production machine:
    PowerBook G4 15″ 1.33 GHz 2 GB ram, 10.5.8

    Couch surfing & Road machines:
    iBook G3 12″ 800 MHz 640 MB ram, 10.4.11
    PowerBook „Pismo“ 400 MHz G3 1 GB ram, 10.4.11

    Running Tenfourfox 9 on all machines. Photoshop 8 (CS1), Office 2004, GraphicConverter, iTunes 10.5, Cyberduck, Safari 5, Google Earth, EyeTV etc. on the production machine.

    The PowerBook G4 doesn’t feel „old“, the G4 has enough power for what I do (mostly typing and researching), the software is current or semi current (not worse than on a typical Windows machine or even Intel Mac). None of the computers looks old, heck the Pismo is 12 years and going strong and looking better and cooler than most of today’s Windows laptops (and is more expandable than any Intel MacBook). The iBook is really cute and small and lighweight. I don’t have the urge to buy a new computer any time soon.

  8. iMac G5
    eMac G4
    MacBookPro Intel

    If we are truly moving to “cloud” computing then power pc should be adequate for years to come for most users.

  9. Power Mac G5, Dual 1.8 ghz
    Upgraded hard drives, Wireless card, Super-drive, etc.

    Runs great, mostly used as a media server and household chores. General surfing, email, etc. handled by original iPad, iPhone 4S and Apple TV 2.

    • hi Ron me too, g5/1.8dp yaa! looking for a internal ssd(pci) for os and apps,should help with i/o… %)

  10. Power Mac G5 Quad (4 x 2.5 GHz G5), 6GB RAM, 2 x 500GB SATA RAID-0.
    PowerBook G4 (last version)
    Both running 10.5.8. Performance was great until somewhere around Safari 5.0.6, which is dog slow on Flash and JS-heavy sites (youtube, tuaw, etc.). Performance is still good in other areas.

  11. ibook 1.33hgz
    imac 20″ G5 2.0ghz
    imac g3
    imac 17″ g5 1.8ghz
    another imac g3
    and 2 intel macbooks….
    love the idea behind your blog… love my powerpc’s and always trying to keep them alive…just donated to you and consider it money well spent

    • Hi there, I want to say thank you for your comment and for the donation, but I was checking my paypal account and there is no donation pending, did you complete the transaction? Check your statement to make sure that you were not charged.

    • I’m running an iBook G4 10.5.8 at 1.33 GHz with 1.5 GB ram 30 gb HD with a pair of 2 terabyte hard drives , mini vga out , with dual display hack , iSub by Harmon Kardon for the boom(required some hack also). I use a VLC remote app on my iPhone , a VNC app and WordPress app powering a LAN site. My only wish list is for an offline Wikipedia reader ! Or way to put it onto media wiki as I also have that running on the server using MAMP pro ( I found it very hard to access MySQL without MAMP). I recently sold a 1ghz G4 iBook and a 500 mhz G4 Powermac.
      Love my PPC macs always looking to pick one up out of retirement and recently saw an old tangerine clamshell running OS9 !
      Thanks for the great site !

  12. Right now I have an iMac G3 Indigo – 500MHz / 512MB (8GB HD) Running Tiger 10.4.11. My iBook died and this was the fastest option I had, in order to keep this site alive.

    • Wow I have a imac g3 450 mhz that still works great. (sage color) also have mac classic 1991 (still working) g4 powerbook 15, and my baby, a g4 mdd dual 1ghz with 2 internal hd and external fw 400/800 portable for all my macs. Great to find this site.

    • Yeah I’ve got a Indigo G3 500mhz, 512mb 20gb HD I wish It would run Tiger for me, as it still runs 10.2 AND 9.2 which is still cool.

  13. I have a Power Mac G5 dual 2.3 GHz
    6 GB of DDR2 RAM
    90 GB OCZ Vertex II SSD
    1.5 TB Samsung drive
    and running on Mac OS X 10.5.8

    And it’s really fast!

  14. I have a Powermac G4 MD 867 Mhz DP 1,5GB DDR RAM 160GB HD (two partitions) + 75 GB HD. This machine runs on 10.5.8. I also have a Powermac G4 350 MHz SP 1GB 40 GB HD (which I use sometimes to do long-lasting procedures. It runs on 10.4.11, but honestly it is a bit slow compared to my other machines.
    I also use an iBook G4 1.33 512MB ram 40GB HD, on 10.5.8.
    My G4 867Mhz is faster than my iBook, which proves that dual processors are more important than clock speed.
    My wife has an iMac i5 on Lion (2.5Ghz 4GB 500GB). I don’t like this machine and it doesn’t run any faster than my G4 867Mhz. I think this is due to heavy Lion. Anyway, I like Leopard most of all versions of OSX. I hope I can keep on using it for a long time still. I think the design of Jaguar was most beautiful of all, but the system was limited in possibilities (compared to Leopard).
    I have got the beautiful install packages of Leopard (5-pack), Tiger, Panther, Jaguar and OS9. I never had the chance to buy the full installation discs of 10.1 en 10.0.
    O yeah, my first Mac ever was a ColorClassic 4MB RAM 80MB HD, system 7.5. I sold it for 50 dollars, which was a stupid thing do… 😦 I also had a Performa 630, but honestly, this wasn’t my most beautiful Mac. My iMac 17-inch Core 2 Duo is broken a the moment – the screen has a big flickering looper of about a inch…
    You can call me a Macfreak, although I have used with most Windows versions too 😦

    • By the way, the iMac i5 is running Yosemite now, which makes it much slower than the Powermac G4 MD867… My colleague has a recent Macbook Air, and that one is indeed fast. My favorite is still my iBook G4 1.33 – I gave it a fresh install las tweekend and it is ready for many years to come (I hope).

  15. But I bought most of them for almost nothing. I bought my PowerMacs for 50 and 30 euros. My iBook costed me 125 euros… 🙂 Second hand Macs are just as good as new!

  16. I have: PowerBook G3; iMac G3; PowerMac G3; PowerMac G4; eMac; PowerMac G5…and they are just my powerpc machines! Love them and will never get rid of them.

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  18. iBook G4 12 inch 1.33 GHZ running Leopard
    iBook G4 14 inch 1.42 GHZ with no hard drive
    iMac G3 running panther

  19. PowerMac: dual 1.42GHz G4, 2GB PC2700, Radeon 9600 (AGP) and Radeon 9200 (PCI), SATA RAID, USB 2, FW800 and AirPort Extreme (Leopard)
    PowerMac: dual 533MHz G4, 1.5GB PC133, Radeon 9000 (Tiger)
    iMac: 17in ALS, 1.8GHz G5, 2GB PC3200, Radeon 9600 (Leopard)
    PowerBook: 12in, 1.5GHz G4, 1.25GB PC2700, GeForce FX Go 5200
    Mac Mini: 1.42GHz G4, 1GB PC2700, Radeon 9200 (Leopard Server)
    eMac: 1GHz G4, 1GB PC133, Radeon 7500 (Leopard)
    iMac: 600MHz G3, 1GB PC133, ATi Rage128 (Tiger)

    Plus some Intel Macs, including a couple of Hackintoshes.

  20. Quicksilver G4 800 and 933, MDD Dual 867, PowerBook G4/1.33 and my 1st non-PowerPC, iMac 27″ 3.4 i7. My PowerBook has been replaced by the iPad for the most part but it has the Adobe CS4 suite (licensed from work) on it so it’s still quite usable for some pixel work on the road. The 933 and the Dual 867 were freebies from work along with two 23″ ADC monitors.

  21. I use two old iBook G4s, two Macbook Pros and an iMac with PowerPC. For those wanting to upgrade to the new Mountain Lion, be forewarned that you’ll need to upgrade to Snow Leopard before being able to get Mountain Lion (I’m on 10.5.8). And as is typical of Apple, the Snow Leopard upgrade is NO LONGER AVAILABLE in the Apple Store. I guess they’re just trying to phase us out as always. I quickly grabbed a Snow Leopard on Amazon for $50 but they’re going fast.

    • Wow Peggy did you pay $50 for Snow Leopard on Amazon? They were $29 at apple.com few weeks ago but I checked and they are no longer available anymore. In my opinion Snow Leopard is the best Mac OS X ever, it’s too bad PowerPC can not upgrade because if we could I would be very happy using Snow Leopard.

      • Well, I guess I’m a sucker too! Bought Snow Leopard, tried to install it and no go! No Way! No Snow Leopard for PowerPC. So I’m returning it. Is there no hope for us? My iMac is perfect, powerful, functional. What now? Is it only a matter of time until we’re obsolete?

  22. Sawtooth G4 dual 450, 256 Mb, 80 Gb + 160 GB raid array. Swapped for a case of beer ‘ cos it had fully optioned FCP on it.
    OS 9 and 1.5GB ram on the way plus a USB 2 PCI card so I can install my Yamaha DSP Factory card. Also have a Mercury Xtreme CPU which I’m not sure what to do with atm. Hoping to get it all running Leopard soon.
    iBook G4 1.3Gb, 768 Mb, 40 Gb HDD runs Tiger. I have Cubase 4 on this because I couldn’t get a firewire audio interface running on a Windows machine.
    I also have a Core 2 Duo Mac Book with Snow Leopard which has has no firewire socket. Grrrr.
    Can anyone tell me if cloning my Tiger drive from the iBook will work in the Power PC?

  23. Hi
    Powermac g5 Dual Core 2ghz 8go memory
    250 go HDD
    dual Geforce 6600 256Mo with dual 24″ screen (may be one another next month)
    running 10.5.8 Leopard

  24. I have Powermac MDD 867 Mhz Dual 1,5 GB and iBook G4 1,33 Ghz 0,5GB. I installed my Family Pack Leopard on both of them. They work nice – I use them every day!
    I also have a Powermac 350Mhz 1GB on Tiger but I don’t use very often anymore, mostly just for browsing the internet.

  25. Gosh, where do I get starter? I am a PPC nut! 11 iMac G3s, 1 PowerMac G3, 2 Power Macintosh G3s, 1 iBook Key Lime, 1 PowerMac G5 2.0 Dual, 1 PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, 1 eMac 1.25, several old 603 and 604 Macs and Clones, and More to Come!

  26. My PPC Home:
    My Everyday Workhorse:PowerMac G5-Dual 1.8ghz/4g RAM/BluRay Burner/2x500g hdd’s/Radeon 7800 running Dual DVI Displays/OS X 10.5.8
    My Roommates Machine:MacMini G4 1.25ghz/1g RAM/OS X 10.5.8
    My Sons’ machine:IMac G3 400mhz/512mhz RAM/OS x 10.4.11&OS 9 Classic
    My Portable/Work Machine:PowerBook G4 15-1.67ghz/2g RAM/OS X 10.5.8
    (all running pretty damn good, I might add!)

  27. I own and use five PowerPC mac’s. Each one is used at least a few hours every week, but the one I am using most right now is my G5 and powerbook. These very reliable and stable machines all run Mac OS 10.4.11 and have provided me with years of service. I hope to continue using them for years to come. Thanks for creating this website!

    1. Powermac G5 / dual 2 ghz / Nvidia 6800 Geforce 256mb
    2. Powermac G4 (Quicksilver) / dual 800 mhz / ATI Radeon 9800 128mb
    3. Powermac G3 (Blue & White) / 400mhz / ATI Sapphire 64mb (flashed)
    4. iMac G4 / 1 ghz
    5. 17″ Powerbook G4 / 1.67 ghz

  28. Long life to your blog.

    Macintosh Classic (l’ancêtre, running pretty well) System 6.0.3
    iMac G3 – 266MHz / 256Mo (tangerine) 10.3.9
    eMac 1,42GHz / 1,5Go (children’s one) 10.4.11 & 10.5.8
    PowerMac QS 2002 1x800MHz / 1,25Go (everyday use) 10.4.11 & 10.5.8

    Intel :
    MacBook C2D 2008/MacPro quad 2008/iMac i5 2011 10.7.2 & 10.8.1

  29. I own Mac G5 with Dual 2 GHz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I want to thank for this grate sit you make me believe again in my PowerPC

  30. G3 900mhz 12″ iBook
    Two @ G4 1.25ghz 17″ iMacs
    Multiple newer Intel Mac laptops & iMacs
    BUT………….still love and use my ppc machines!
    (heck yeah my 26+ year old MacPlus still boots and runs 7.5.5 like a champ with a whopping 4 MEGs of ram and a huge 40meg external LaCie drive!)

  31. iMac G5 1,6 Ghz PPC 17′
    1,25 Gb DDR SD-RAM
    80GB Sata HDD
    Combo Drive /soon Superdrive/
    GeForce FX5200 Ultra vga card
    runs : 10.4.11 Tiger /soon change to Leopard 10.5/

  32. iBook G4 14-inch 1.42 Ghz 1.5GB RAM DVD still rockin’ for dailly internet surfing & Youtube with Mactubes and Youview & soon (i hope) iMac G5 1.9 Ghz 17” or 20” w/integrated iSight Cool…..Collected: Macintosh LC 580 68k all-in-one with Apple video capture system….:-p Thanks for macpowerpc keeping alive PPC (y)

  33. Summer 2002 Power Mac G4 quick silver dual 1Ghz, 1.5Gb memory, 200Gb hd.

    June, 2004 power Mac dual G5 2Ghz, 8Gb memory, 2 1Tb Maxtor hd’s airport extream and blutooth, OSX 10.5.8 running Logic Pro 9

    Late 2009 Mac mini, 2.26Ghz intel dual core, 8Gb memory, 500Gb momentous XT hybrid Hd, OSX mountain lion.

  34. A 500Mhz Titanium PowerBook with 512MB and Leopard. Heck, some friends don’t believe it’s 12 years old! It still works great for typing, spreadsheets and some PowerPoint stuff. And watching DVDs on that fantastic widescreen.

    Then a 12″ PowerBook G4 for travelling. A little faster, but not as sexier…

    (and an Intel iMac for heavy stuff, but I don’t use it everyday…)

    • Titanium Powerbook is such a nice model , with its’ sharp and thin widescreen, and the black-translucent keyboard…..has some look-alike to the current Macbook Pro style but sleeker….I’m chasing for one unit with the 1ghz G4 processor, hope to find one soon. Congrats for your Powerbook. I have a daily-use iBook G4 1.42 14-inch …nice ‘book also….

  35. Hello folks. I have a powerbook G4, 10.4.11. Any Idea what can I do to play flashvideos on the net ? I put the adobeflashplayer right version that is and it didn’t work, videos jump all the time
    Thanks a lot.

    • What flash videos you’re talking about? *.flv files? Or you are trying to watch youtube? For the flv files, you might download a tool called ‘Perian’, which unfortunately won’t get updated anymore. It works for OSX 10.4.7 and up. It includes a ‘pack of codecs’ for watching several formats of files within Quicktime Player (including the flv videos). Also, you could download Realplayer for Mac and VLC Player for Mac.

      For watching Youtube: well, the videos jump all time since the Adobe won’t update Flash player for Macs with PowerPC chips (i.e., powerbook g4, g3, ibook g4, g3, power mac g5, g4, g3 etc)….So, for a fluent watching of this stuff, you might want to go with two software apps : Mactubes, or Youview. Both can play Youtube stuff in a decent way. If you play via Mactubes, there’s a little configuration you need to do, for setting the videos playing via Quicktime player (if you download and doesn’t configure that, videos will also play choppy). So, if you download and launch it, go to the upper menu to : Player -> (and select) Quicktime Player…..and that’s it. Search for the video you want and done. Youview doesn’t need to configure this (but you aren’t able of downloading the videos 😉

      Hope this will work for you.

    • @baraka… I think a good alternative is to download mactubes and view youtube clips from that application. Another option is if you are using the TenFourFox browser then there’s a nice extension called “Quicktime Enabler” which will allow you to just right click in a window where flash video (like youtube) is playing and open the video in Quicktime. Will even play H.264. You can read more about it here: http://code.google.com/p/tenfourfox/wiki/QuickTimeEnabler

  36. Powermac G5/2.0 Dual/2GB RAM/OS X Leopard Server running server stuff
    Powerbook 17″ A1085 OS X Leopard and couple of Intels, but PPC is more magical

  37. Power Mac G4, MDD Single1.25 Ghz, 1x 160GB, 1x 80GB, triple boot OS 9, 10.3 & 10.5.8 and a Power Mac G5 Dual 2.0, 10.5.8

  38. This is what i keep, most of them in working condition

    Mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.83 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard
    iBook G3, 900 Mhz
    PowerBook G3 500Mhz “Pismo”
    iMac G3 400 Mhz Lime,
    iMac G3 600 Mhz Graphite
    PowerMacintosh G3 Minitower 233 MHz,
    PowerMacintosh 5500 Director Edition (Black) 275 Mhz,
    Powermac G4 AGP, 40 Mhz
    Macintosh Quadra 650
    Macintosh IIsi
    Performa 630 Dos Compatible
    Macintosh LC III
    Apple II+ Clone (Katson), 1 Mhz, 64 Kb RAM, 2xDisk II 5,25´

  39. November 3, 2012 @ 12:32 AM
    Dual 2 GHz PowerPC G5 2.5 GB DDR SDRAM [upgradable to 8GB] HD 149 GB [I believe I have a port for another but never put one in- may have to soon- almost full! Mac OS X 10.5.8. I love my Mac- orphan that it may be!

  40. I have 7 macs, 6 of which are ppc or previous:

    imac g5
    ibook g3 dual usb
    ibook g3 clamshell
    powermac g3 Blue and white
    mac lc 475
    mac 512k

  41. I have 2 Macs…
    PowerBook Duo 230C – still working
    and my default computer is (when i have two powerful PCs)
    PowerMac G5 2,3GHz, 16 GB RAM, HDD 250+500+1000GB, Mac OS X Leopard…

  42. Power Mac G5
    Prozessorgeschwindigkeit: 2 GHz
    Anzahl der CPUs: 2
    Speicher: 8 GB

    GeForce 6800 Ultra
    VRAM (gesamt): 256 MB
    Core Image: Hardware-unterstützt
    Quartz Extreme: Unterstützt
    Cinema Display: 1680 x 1050 32-Bit Farbe

    Kapazität: 2x 149,05 GB (Raid: 0)
    Dateisystem: HFS+

  43. PowerBook G4 800mhZ running OS X 10.4 Server Unlimited Client,
    MacBook Pro 2.3ghZ running 10.8.2
    Not a crash from either of them!

  44. My PowerPC collection includes:
    Powerbook G4 12′ 1.33GHz, 1.25Gb RAM, 250Gb 5400rpm HDD (primary computer)
    Powermac G4 Cube with 1.33GHz Sonnet CPU, 1.5Gb RAM, 320 Gb HDD, ATI Radeon 7500 + 17′ studio display (media server)
    Powerbook G3 400MHz, 1Gb RAM, 16 Gb CF card (backup machine)

    I’ve also had an Intel macbook (dead motherboard), happy to be back on powerpc machines…

    only Intel machine is a mac mini (originally 1.6 Core Solo, 1Gb Ram), upgraded to 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, 3 Gb RAM (after firmware upgrade), attached to an apple 20′ ADC cinema display…

    Keep up the good work!

  45. Found my first Mac on a garage sale for 30€ or 45$. It is a powermac G5 1.6 GHz, 500 GB HDD and 3 GB Ram running with Leopard .(:-)). It only needs a new graphics card. I bought a used ATI 9800 Pro 128 MB and now ….I love my Mac. Fast, great sound and outstanding design.

  46. 1) 12 inch IBook 1.33 GHz G4 1.5 GB memory 40 GB hard drive, 32 MB ATI video card with sudden motion sensor, DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive and
    2 15 inch Powerbook 1.5 Ghz G4 2GB memory 80 GB hard drive 64 MB ATI video card, no Sudden motion sensor, DVD-R/CD-RW drive, both running Leopard 10.5.8. They are the most stable and energy-efficient Macs that I use (also have three Intel macs). Using Safari 5.0.6, Camino 2.1.3 nightly build. Use Office 2004 and LibreOffice on 15-inch, and LIbre-Office/Abi-Word on 12-inch. Matte displays are dim in sunlight compared to Intel macs, but heat production is very low and feature sets (Bluetooth, WiFI, modem connection, ethernet port, USB and firewire ports, DVD drives) and both are able to play standard definition DVDs without a hiccup, something my Intel Macbook cannot do!

    • An update since I posted a year ago. Still using both machines. Camino is no longer being updated as of June 2013, so I now use TenFourFox browser for PowerPC, which is current at version 17.10. It will be updated to version 24 in December 2013. To watch videos, I use MacTubes. When using MacTubes, both the 1.33 Ghz iBook and the 1.5 Ghz Powerbook can play standard definition 360p YouTube videos at full screen and 480p videos in small or medium screen without any lags or glitches; this is not possible in any current browser. LibreOffice is still being updated for PowerPC (now at version 4.0.6), so I use that. For a small fast editor that does some formatting, try Bean – unfortunately no longer being updated. For antivirus I use ClamXAV which is still being updated. Carbon Copy back up is still being updated for PowerPC as well. VLC Media player is also still being updated and works well, but sometimes doesn’t play a URL link when MacTubes will.

  47. 12″ Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz maxxed out to 1.25Gb RAM running Leopard, new aftermarket battery gives me 3hrs+ surfing / email and it fits nicely in a leather slipcase designed for a 13″ MacBook Pro.

    Also have a MacMini 2.4 Intel Core 2 Duo with 8Gb RAM and a 64Gb SSD drive running Mountain Lion – v v quick.

  48. 17″ G5 iMac (1st gen), 1.8Ghz maxed at 2GB RAM running Leopard 10.5.8
    Still love it, great piece of design and practically never fails. Really slow by today’s standards but I love the experience and feel of this machine! Thinking of Swapping the 80GB HDD for a nice large 1TB =)
    PPC lives!

  49. Powerbook G4 (7450), 1.67GHz, 1GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9700 Video. Great machine, I love it so much and never give it up 🙂

  50. Powerbook G4 12”, 1.5Ghz. I updated RAM up to 1.25Gb, and replaced original 80Gb HDD with WD Ceviar Blue 320 Gb. Leopard 10.5.8 runs on it pretty well. I like it very much:)

  51. I have an MDD (originally a single 1.25GHz) modified to the Dual 1.42GHz with Geforce 4 Ti 4600 Videocard. Had wanted to stay fully OS 9 capable, so avoided certain upgrades. OSX 10.4.11 & OS 9.2.2.

    • Maxed Ram (2GB),

    •120GB Hitachi 7200 Deskstar system drive with two partitions – one for OSX and one for OS 9 (Ultra 100 Bus),

    •250GB Hitachi 7200 Cinemastar storage drive split into two partitions for document, video and iTunes folders on one, and a minimal OSX 10.4 rescue system/scratchdisk volume on the other (Ultra 66 Bus),

    •2-4TB Hitachi 7200 Ultrastar drives for long-term storage setup as a mirrored-raid running through a PCI Sata/ESata card,

    •NewerTech 300MB/S N PCI wifi card for OSX,

    •IoGear Universal 150MB/S N ethernet to WiFi Adaptor for OS 9,

    •6 Port USB 2.0 PCI card,

    •Adaptec SCSI PCI card for OS 9 HQ scanning support,

    •Dual Monitors – ADC 17″ CRT for Primary Display, 17″ Dell LCD for Secondary Display (use for watching movies/web-tv through XBMC while working),

    •Sound provided by Harmon Soundsticks II,

    •x86 emulation as needed with DosBox and Q-Emulator.

    •Have managed to find apps/work-arounds to keep it quite useful for graphics, web-design (right up through HTML6), writing, video/animation, publishing and games/entertainment. LOVE MY G4 -Vroom, Vroom!!!

  52. As I collect certain computing equipment that I like (Mac, IBM clone, Sun etc), I also have the following PPC stuff in my personal museum;

    Powerbook’s: Pismo, Titanium 1GHz, 12″ DVI
    Powermac’s; G3, G4 gigabit, G4 quicksilver, MDD 2003, Cubes, G5 late2005
    iMac’s; G4 15″ early 2003, G5 20″
    Mac mini; original

    My faves are the Powerbook 12″, Cube, PowerMac G5 and iMac G4.

    Nice to know Im not the only one still using my old PPC Macs (entered on the PowerMac G5).

  53. Power Mac G5, Dual 2.0 ghz PowerPC
    8gb ram
    dual 160gb hd
    leopard 10.5.8
    Cinema 17″ Display

    Just getting my head wrapped around it, for free I’m very happy

  54. PowerMac G4 Gigabit Ethernet
    400MHz CPU Upgraded with a Sonnet G4 1.2GHz
    Geforce 6200
    2Gb PC133
    Sonnet Tempo SATA PCI
    Samsung 500Gb F3
    Mitsubish 930SB CRT

    and a OCZ Vertex 2 120Gb coming =)

  55. Although I have an Intel MacBook and Mac Mini to work on I spend my leisure computing time (web surfing/Facebook/iTunes) on my beautiful G4 Flat Panel iMac. The newer iMacs (in fact all the newer Mac products) have never exceeded the design genius of this era. It has a warmth and personality the newer ones lack. Coupled with an external iSight camera, the great Mac Pro speakers and even the Harmon Kardon clear sub-woofer it is a joy to sit down and use every day. Photoshop CS5 still works fine for my needs and Camino and Bits on Wheels have a place too. I love this goofy little monster and it’s never let me down.

  56. I’m still rocking a 1.33 Ghz PowerBook g4 with 1 bad ram slot. It’s my around the house laptop. Still runs great and plays YouTube videos just fine. I also have a PowerMac G4 533 in my room but that is for light school work, but it soon to be replaced with a G5 which will be used as my main computer.

  57. Though my desktop is an Intel iMac, my 1.5 GHz PPC G4 PowerBook running OS 10.5.8 remains indispensable. I lost at least nine years’ worth of research and writing (contained in CPM-DOS and ProDOS formatted files) when I had to abandon a still-functional Apple IIe I’d lugged up and down the eastern seaboard and coast-to-coast from 1984 to 2011. I’m not going to make that mistake again!

  58. Hi,

    Nice to see so many wonderful machines, I have these:

    14″ PowerBook Wallstreet II G3 300 mhz w/ Mac OS 8.6
    12″ iBook G3 600 mhz with Mac OS 9
    12″ iBook G3 800 mhz with Mac OS 9 & Tiger
    12″ PowerBook G4 1.5 Ghz Alu with 7200 rpm hard disk, OSX Tiger and Leopard (my Road Warrior which I take with me when travelling around the globe, last year was my only computer on a road trip around California)
    17″ iMac G5 1.9 Ghz iSight with OSX Tiger

    As Amiga-head, I am planning to get Mini G4 or 15″/17″PB G4 to install MorphOS on it. This cute little OS allows G4 users to watch 720p or maybe better videos without choking! There’s also G5 port being prepared.

  59. PowerBook 230 Duo, OS 7.5
    Mac Classic, OS 7.5
    Power Macintosh G3 233 MHz, 256 MB, OS 9.2
    PowerBook G3 WS 300 MHz, 64 MB, OS 8.6
    iMac G3 450 MHz, 1 GB, OS 10.4.11/9.2
    PowerMac G4 DA 733 MHz, 1.5 GB, 10.4.11/9.2, 17″ Studio
    iBook G4 12″ 1.2 GHz, 1.25 GB, OS 10.5.8
    iMac G4 1.25 GHz, 2GB, OS 10.5.8
    PowerMac G4 MDD FW 800, dual 1.42 GHz, 2 GB, 23″ Cinema, 17″ Studio, OS 10.5.8
    PowerMac G5 Dual 2.7 GHz, 8 GB, 23″ Cinema, OS 10.5.8
    MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz C2D, 6 GB, OS 10.7.5
    Mac Mini 2.3 GHz Ci5, 8 GB, OS 10.8, 46″ Sharp
    Oh and the Wintel: Gigabyte P35 MoBo, 3.0 GHz C2D (OC’d to 4.0), 8GB, Win 7

  60. I have a Dual g5 2 ghz qith 3g ram, running very good!!!!! early 2004, works fine! but at this time, not exist much apps for this machine today…..only for intel mac…..any knows an app to work for music, edit songs etc, thanksss

  61. I own an EMac, 1.42 GHZ, 1 GB Ram, 80 GB Hard drive. Next to it I have a power mac Dual core 867 MHZ, 60 GB HDD (I added a 120 GB HDD which is also a network drive for my emac) and 1.5 GB of Ram.
    Runs way faster than my old Windows desktop which i have now sold which had 2.2 GHZ and 1.5 GB Ram. Also, the set up cost me under £100. With the Emac off eBay for £1.04. And it’s a perfectly good set up for writing letters, photo editing and storage (its main use) watching films and web browsing. Also, I edit my blog for budget smartphones on there.
    With the money left over from buying Secondhand PPC equipment rather than Windows or intel macs that would meet my requirement, I was able to put a lot of money into a digital SLR, and still have a perfectly good setup.

  62. Dual G4 867MHZ; 2GB RAM; 280GB HAD; 10.4.11 to run iMovie, edit pictures, sounds, layouts and all the usual stuff.
    G4 twelve-inch iBook 1.25GHZ; 1.5GB RAM; 120GB HD; 10.4.11 to run all the above when I’m travelling.
    Generally keep a spare G4 workstation in the background to run a MAMP environment for web development: from memory the current spare is a deadhead single processor MDD with 2GB RAM and an airport card.

  63. iMac Version 10.5.8
    Processor 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5
    Memory 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM
    AirPort Card Airport Extreme
    Chipset Model: GeForce FX 5200

  64. Power Mac G4 (carte AGP); PowerPC G4 (2.7); 450 MHz; 512 Mo; ModèleM7825LL/B (oct. 2001) 2x140Gb DD. Os 10.4.11; TenFourFox & Tenfourbird; MacTube; Elmedia Player; iSquint; Audacity; Xee; etc…
    Many thanks to Mac PowerPC ! From here I have found all I need to enjoy and be proud of my PPC! (I even re-install Classic!) 😉

  65. I have a pretty much maxed out G4, and I love it! Here it is:
    PowerMac G4 (Digital Audio)
    1,2GHz Sonnet Encore ST CPU wih 2MB L3 cache
    768MB SD Memory
    80GB Maxtor ATA HDD
    ATI Radeon 9600 64MB Mac edition (Pins 3 and 11 covered)
    Mac OS X 10.5.8
    Apple white keyboard
    Apple Mighty mouse
    Looking to buy a PCI USB2.0 card to be able to use flash disks at full speed

  66. Greetings from Latvia. I have PowerBook G4, 1.33GHz PowerPC G4, 1GB DDR, and it runs great and it look like as good as new!!! No scratched at all!!!
    I bought it for 65Ls = 120$!!!

  67. I’m not sure exactly what I have, I need some help figuring it out, i think it’s a G4 PowerPC, can’t figure out the processor speed :(, has 2 fire-wire ports, an Ethernet port, 2 usb ports, 2 additional memory bays [which i filled :)], a CD-RW drive, and 3 1/2 Floppy disk..
    I have ADDED: 2 additional Ethernet cards installed, a fax modem, Wi-Fi networking card, and a extra 124 MB of ram for a modest total of around 636 MB.
    If you know what type of mac i have please tell me… i cant figure it out because it came with Ubuntu 11.04 when i got it. I am going to update it to 12.4.02 LTS today….

  68. 2x Powermac g4 (1,25 dual)
    g4 cube
    powermac g5 quad
    imac g4 and g5
    powerbook g4
    macbook white and black
    macbook pro
    iMac (2010)
    Mac mini g5 c2d and i5 dual

    and my holy and loved xserve x3

  69. I’m still using the following PPC Mac’s in my household:

    PowerMac G4 Cube with a 22″ Cinema-Display
    PowerMac G3 Blue&White with matching Studio-Display
    PowerBook G4 867 Mhz Titanium
    PowerBook G4 12″ 1,25 Ghz

    They are still very useful for Music, Web-Browsing and Office Work.

    Keep the PPC runnin’

  70. PowerMac G4 QuickSilver 733MHz 1GB RAM 80GB HDD with Tiger 10.4.11
    I tried to run Leopard with LeopardAssist but it’s too damn slow! Tiger is perfect for this Mac!

  71. Hi, first thanks for this useful blog.
    I have a PowerBook G4 17″ 1Ghz 1,5GB Ram, WD 250GB HDD with 10.5.8 Leopard and it’s so beautiful with this screen ! I can run a lot of apps like iLife and iWork ’09, C4D r11, Adobe CS2, SimCity 4, Myst IV…
    It’s a little slow but it’s not a problem !
    And if you need of a old app (like the last Spotify PPC app) contact me !

  72. I have a power Mac G5 Quad baby. I love this machine, the only downside is that apple doesnt support it anymore. I feel like I have to hack everything or do soem sort of work around for anythign to work right.

  73. I have a Dual 2 GHZ PowerPC G5 running 10.5.8. It is my work horse. I have two other Intel macs but the G5 is what I use to earn a living.

  74. Hello all Apple freak out there , i got my PowerPc G5 dual 2.0 recently and it’s my secondary machine, it show it’s face on Cinema display 20″ which they all work very nice look and amazing.

  75. PowerMac G4 upgraded to 2ghz G4, 1gb Ram, Radeon 9800 Pro, 120gb HD
    PowerMac G5 1.8 DP, Radeon 9600 Pro, 4 500 GB SATA, 5.5gb Ram

  76. I bought an old Powerbook G4 (third hand) from a friend. It was just collecting dust in his closet. He wasn’t technical at all which is why it was just sitting there with a corrupt OSX installation. I installed Ubuntu on it for a while but the wireless drivers didn’t want to work properly so loading pages happened at a snail’s space. I left it that way for a while then reverted to a custom version OSX v10.6.7. Now the internet works perfectly. There is still plenty of life left in this system thanks to dedicated developers.

    The most important software I have on here is the Camino browser, LIbreOffice, and VLC. I greatly appreciate these developers for continuing to update their software on PPC computers.

  77. I have the following PowerPC computers:

    Desktops Used Daily at Work:

    Power Macintosh G5 2.0 DP (PCI-X) PowerMac7,2 with G5 2.0 GHz and 4 GB RAM, running OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode and OS X 10.5.8.

    Apple Power Macintosh G3/233 Desktop, with Sonnet G4 500MHz ZIF CPU and 768MB RAM, running OS 9.2.2, OS X 10.3.9, OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode OS 9.2.2.

    Desktops Used Regularly at Home:

    Apple Power Macintosh G5/2.3 GHz DP (Early 2005 and PCI-X 2) PowerMac7,3 with G5 2.3 GHz and 8 GB RAM, running OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode and OS X 10.5.8.

    Apple Power Macintosh G5/2.0 GHz DP (Late June 2004 and PCI-X 2) PowerMac7,3 with G5 2.0 GHz and 7 GB RAM, running OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode and OS X 10.5.8.

    Laptops in regular use:

    Powerbook Pismos with G4 550MHz CPU upgrades and 1GB RAM, running OS 9.2.2, OS X 10.3.9, OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode OS 9.2.2, and/or OS X 10.5.8.

    Powerbook G3 500MHz Pismos with 1GB RAM, running OS 9.2.2, OS X 10.3.9, and/or OS X 10.4.11 with Classic Mode OS 9.2.2.

  78. I have a iMac G4 1.25 Ghz with a 20″ screen. I updated it with 2 GB Ram and a harddrive with 500 GB it’s running 10.58 OSX

  79. I have a Imac 20 inch from 2007, its my main desktop, power mac G5 2.0 Ghz, 2GB Ram, 160GB HDD,10.5.8 Leopard with a 17 Inch studio display.
    Power mac G4 MDD, 2 GB ram, 120 GB HDD with 10.5.8 Leopard, 30 GB HDD with 10.4.11 Tiger with a 22 inch cinema display, with adaptor from DVI to ADC, external Isight camera.
    Power mac G4 cube, 350 Ghz, 1 GB ram, 40 GB HDD, with a 21 inch CRT studio display.
    Power mac G3 B&W, 350 GHz, 1 GB Ram, 40 GB HDD, OS classic 9.2.2, with an 21 inch CRT studio display.

  80. iMac G3 DV: 400MHz, 512MB RAM, 10GB HDD 7k2rpm, Tiger;
    iMac G4: 1,25 GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD 7k2rpm, 17″, Tiger;
    PowerMac G5: dual 2Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1,5TB HDD 7k2rpm, Tiger and Leopard ( Way faster than my MacBookPro 13″ Intel i7 2,9GHz quad, 8GB RAM, 750GB HDD 7k2rpm, Mountian Lion);

    iMac G3, iMac G4 and PowerMac G5, those were, are and will allways be great machines. The iMacs have allready passed ten years and i am sure they will pass another ten.
    I think, everything that makes a Mac more like a PC is a mistake, so Intel processors are a huge mistake.

  81. i just got back to PPC with a cherry 14in ibook G4 1.42ghz 1.5gb ram 60gb drive and ati 9550 32mb card running 10.5.8….. is way more fun to use than my intel 13in mbp and gets far better battery life than the mbp. i love PPC because it works great thank you for the website

  82. First mac was an original SE, with a whopping 20 megabyte hard drive, and I tricked it right up with 4 meg of RAM… it smoked!!! Still fires up to this day (albeit with a faint ringing sound while it’s on)! The kids love to play Battle Chess, and there’s nothing like a 9 inch screen to make your 20″ flat panel iMac seem shiny and new!!

    Just lately, I have run into a few issues, though, and wondering if it isn’t time to upgrade the flat panel with 10.4.11 (2004 model – so not bad life really). Unless of course someone has a workaround for these issues:
    – Can’t update my iPhone 3GS cos it needs later iTunes, which won’t install onto 10.4.11, hence can’t update many iPhone apps
    – Broke my flashplayer set-up, and Adobe don’t support 10.4.11 – I have an old binary, but no idea how to get it installed… have seen a link above pointing to a safari extension, but not sure how to install/use?

    • Well I’ll be buggered! Just re-checked the Adobe website, and they’ve added some help resources for old PPC installs that go wrong… Flash set-up is now working again… Pretty happy iMac set-up now… if I can just work out how to get around the iPhone issues… seriously, planning to upgrade my phone in a couple of months, but won’t be able to keep the software up to date…

    • I agree, if apple still made PPC chips they would have the superior processors- look at the intel equivalent at the time of the PPC G4- the pentium 4. My dual 1GHz PPC G4 would thrash any P4 based computer by miles!

  83. iBook G4 1.33 Ghz 10.4.11
    I am a jewelry artist specializing in animal themed jewelry. I use Mac exclusively, have for years. Design using CS2. I have 2 more in storage loaded with same software for backup. These little machines still look awesome and manages to impress most. Never in my life have I owned a windows machine. These older handsome iBooks are all I need to keep my business functioning and moving forward.

  84. help please …i made unstallation of safari on my mac powerbook g4 ppc …..the problem is, i cant find it or make a new installation…it say safari is still running in mac os x

  85. Hello Everyone,
    I just bought an Imac 5g (pre intell) and would like to know where can I buy programs for it? I’ve been looking for a green screen program for stills. This is my first mac and I know its an older model but I LOVE IT! Runs great, upgraded the memory to 2gb. Some things Id love to upgrade but not sure they can be. if anyone has the manual for this machine in a pdf file please send to me. I get lost when looking for t on the apple website.

  86. PowerMac G5 (dual 2GHz)
    iMac G3 Summer 2001 500MHz
    iMac G4 15″ 700MHz
    12″ PowerBook G4 1.5GHz

  87. PowerMac G5 dual 2.3GHz 8GB ram 1TB HDD ati 9800 128mb monster
    iMac G4 800MHz 1.25GB ram 80GB HDD 17″
    iMac G4 1GHz 2GB ram 80GB HDD 15″
    iMac G5 1.8GHz 1GB ram no hdd yet (x3) (two for sale one for me, after HDD and fresh Leopard install of course)

    FirstGen Intel iMac Can’t remember specs havn’t looked these over yet (X2) (one for sale one for me, after HDD and fresh Leopard install of course)

    I’d say my collection of semi-vintage macs is off to a good start, after my spare G5’s and intel gen1 are restored, and up and running they will be for sale in order for me to aquire my next vintage, looking for a G4 CUBE, or PowerMac G4 as highly spec’d as possible. Also own several newer systems (all personal never for sale) a 2.4core2 20″ w/4gb iMac (first gen aluminium) 3.06GHzcore2 iMac w/4gb (second gen aluminium) 2.53core2 MBP w/8gb Late 2009. Daily driver, portable monster.

    Interested in one I’m working on? Email me [email protected] only those specified are for sale the others are my pride and joy.

  88. Dual 1Ghz PowerPC G4
    1.25 GB SDRAM
    ATI RADEON 7500
    Apple Studio Display
    160GB 2.5” HDD Dual Boot
    OSX 10.5.8/LUBUNTU 12.04
    200GB 3.5” HDD
    UBUNTU 12.04.3 LTS

    1.42Ghz MacMini PowerPC (Twiggy)
    1 GB SDRAM
    ATI RADEON 9200
    ADP 1830 Display
    160GB HDD Dual Boot
    OSX 10.5.8/LUBUNTU 12.04
    Airport Extreme

  89. Power Book G4 Alu 1.67Ghz PPC.
    15.2″ Super Drive.
    2GB DDR.
    80GB Apple IDE HDD.
    OS X Leopard 10.5.8.
    Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse.

    Mac Book Early 2009.
    Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz.
    13″ Super Drive.
    4GB DDR2.
    Seagate 500GB Sata HDD.
    OS X Mavericks 10.9.
    Apple Wireless Magic Mouse.
    Apple Mac Book Remote.

  90. Does anybody know of any other Apps that help to cool down their Power Book G4’s as sadly not ready to pay for the G4FanControl App for an old age forgotten PPC.
    For now anyways!

  91. If anybody is intrested I have for sale cheap spare parts going for a Power Book G4 PPC 15.2″ 1.67Ghz model?
    Willing to trade in these parts or sell etc……


    I have parts like:

    Apple 80GB HDD.
    Super Drive.
    Internal Boards and Components.
    Internal Cables.
    Mainboard but think this is corrupt.
    Cooling Frame with Fans.
    Power Board.
    Top Keyboard rest complete with all keys.
    Top LCD Frame Case.
    1GB DDR Ram.

  92. Have two e-macs and two powermacs G5 DP 2.0.Love the powermac it’s still very useable.And a selfmade intel Lion HackinTosh quad core. HackinTosh is the way to go if you want an supported Apple Computer.

  93. PowerMac G4 MDD
    Dual 1GHz PPC G4
    1GB RAM
    ATi Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB
    2x250GB IDE HDD
    Pioneer Superdrive
    USB 2.0 Card
    Airport B Card
    OS X Leopard

    Mac Mini Late 2012
    Quad 2.6GHz Intel Core i7
    16GB RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 4000 1GB
    256GB SSD
    OS X Mavericks

    Macbook Air 2013 13″
    Dual 1.7GHz Intel Core i7
    8GB RAM
    Intel HD Graphics 5000 512MB
    256GB SSD
    OS X Mavericks

    Mac Pro 2006
    Dual 2.0GHz Intel Xeon
    12GB RAM
    ATi Radeon X1900xt 512MB
    128GB SSD
    4TB WD Caviar RED
    4TB WD Caviar RED
    2TB WD Caviar Green
    OS X Lion

  94. I have just got a PowerMac G5, Dual Core, 8gig… Only problem is no OS and struggling to get Mac OS Leopard and updates. Need to format to clear all crap from previous user.

  95. Hi

    I’m the owner of a last gen Imac G4 with 20 inch TFT – 250 GB hard disk and 2 GB of RAM. I still run OSX Tiger and Leopard. When I have free time – I’ll still like to fix and sell all kind of iBooks and PowerBooks.

    Even in 2013 – PowerPC rocks…. (and it keeps on rocking in a free world).

  96. Running iBook G4 1.33Ghz, 1.5GB of RAM, 40GB 4.200RPM HD! Totally usable machine, I love it! Greetings from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro!

  97. Running Powermac G5 2×1.8Ghz and PM Quad for HD Movies,great stuff and is not slower than a modern pc.
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  98. Running PowerMac MDD G4 2×1.8Ghz ( SonnetTech) under 10.5.8 and soon, a MacMini G4 1.5Ghz under Morphos ( try it, love it ).
    Greetings fron France

  99. Hey! I’m running a great PowerPC G5 2 x 2.3 GHz with 6.5 GB DDR2 SDRAM under 10.5.8. Just a cool machine to work with loads of software for video editing, photo retouch and music production.
    Also covered with MacBook Pro 13″ 2.9 GHz Intel i7 with 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 under last 10.9 OS X Mavericks. This is my lovely travel and live super-tool.
    Greetings from Spain!

  100. I’m posting this from a 20″ iMac isight G5 2.1ghz, with 2.5gb of ram and a 320gb HDD. It was a machine donated to me, and wasn’t in working condition due to the dreaded bad capacitor issue. After replacing the cabs on the logic board, as well as 2 on the PSU, it’s up and running! My previous PPC machine was a G4 MDD power mac, and years ago I had the first release bondi blue iMac.

    • Congrats for your good work Daniel. iMacs G5 they are good machines, but I heard that they are not very reliable so just in case make sure you always have a back up of everything in hand. 😀 Thumbs up for recycling!

  101. My tertiary machine:

    Ibook G4 1.33 GHz PowerPC 768 MB RAM & 120gb wd hdd
    Mac OS X 10.5.8 Leopard

    I’m considering setting up either a chroot or multi boot configuration with debian linux ppc build.

    I think my cell phone is faster than this thing.

  102. I have an iBook G3 dual USB late 2001 at 600 MHz 680Mb RAM 128rdn graphics dual-booting Debian and Panther, and a June 2004 Power Mac G5 dual 1.8 GHz with 4Gb Ram, and a 64 mb video nvidia card multi-booting Tiger (with classic support), Leopard, and Ubuntu with a LXDE desktop-enviropment.

  103. iMac G3 green tray loading 333mhz, iMac G3 red slot loading 400mhz , Imac G4 700mhz, Imac G5 1.8mhz, emac 1.42mhz, ibook g3 500mhz, powerbook 140 16mhz, macintosh classic, Macintosh 2 si, Power Mac 6500 250mhz, and the collection is only getting bigger

  104. Just completed a new Internet Video App for Tiger/PPC Macs!!! Compatible with over 100 internet video sites and should be supported for at least another 4 years! A G.U.I. for the popular Python app youtube-dl, it allows web videos to both be downloaded and also streamed to QuickTime! Works well on most G4s and all G5s. Best of all, it allows the viewing/downloading from a number of sites like Vevo and DailyMotion that have been out of PPC reach for some time.

    Requires a few freeware apps be installed too, so read the Read Me – http://ppcluddite.blogspot.com/2014/02/new-gui-app-for-youtube-dl.html

  105. G4 Cube with CPU Extension to 1.2 GHZ ppc7450 (G4e)
    Nvidia GeForce2 MX 32MB
    1.5 GB RAM ( 3 x 512MB PC133-333)
    80 GB ATA HDD
    Original Accessoires

  106. My clunker: iBook G4, latest Leopard, 1.33Ghz, 1.5GB RAM, 40GB HDD capacity.

    I basically use this for making 240p videos and playing text-based games.

  107. I have a few PowerPC computers. My first one is:

    PowerMac G5 with 1.8Ghz Dual CPU.
    OS X 10.5.6 Leopard
    3GB Ram
    360GB HDD
    64mb Video Card

    Paid $100 USD


    iMac G3 Indigo Blue 500Mhz (slot loading)
    OS X 10.4.11 Tiger
    1GB Ram
    20GB HDD
    16mb Video Card

    Paid: $20 USD

    Third (GEM):

    iMac G3 Snow 600Mhz (slot loading) COMPLETE IN BOX!
    OS X 10.2.?
    256MB Ram
    40GB HDD
    16mb Video Card

    Paid: $20 USD

    Newest Edition:

    PowerBook G4 1.67Ghz HD Model (Last PowerBook Model)
    This computer is beat up. I am in the process of repair. When finished it will have:

    OS X 10.5.6 Leopard
    2GB Ram
    80GB HDD
    128mb Video Card

    Paid: $25 USD

  108. iMac G3 Slot Loader, 350MHz Blueberry, Logic-board-swapped to a 600MHz DV board.
    OS X 10.4.11 Tiger
    512MB RAM
    40GB HDD

    iMac G5 2004, 1.6GHz
    OS X 10.5.8
    2GB RAM
    80GB HDD

  109. I have a few PPC macs that I still enjoy using:

    iBook G3 12″ 700mhz, 256 ram, 80gig drive, runs Tiger

    PowerBook G4 17″ 1.67ghz, 2gig ddr2 ram, 100gig drive, runs Leopard

    Mac Mini G4, 1.33ghz, 80gig drive, 1gb ddr ram, runs Tiger

    iMac G5 ALS 1.8ghz, 2gig ddr ram, 1tb drive, runs Leopard

    Powermac G3 Beige Tower 433mhz, 768mb ram, 9gig scsi drive, runs OS 9.2.2

    Powermac G3 Blue-White 1.1ghz G3, 1gb ram, 2x 80gig drive,
    Voodoo5 5500 video, runs OS 9.2.2

    Powermac G4 MDD 1.25ghz Dual, 2gb ddr ram, 2x 320gig drives, 2x 6gig drives,
    ATI 9600 Pro PC-Mac Edition, runs Leopard

    Powermac G5 2.0ghz Dual, 2gb ddr ram, 2x 80gig drives,
    ATI 9800 Pro video, runs Leopard

    Powermac G5 2.7ghz Dual, 4gb ddr ram, 250gig and 500gig drives,
    ATI x850xt video, runs Leopard

    Powermac G5 2.5ghz Quad, 16gb ddr2 ram, 120gig ssd and 500gig drives,
    Quadro fx4500 video, runs Leopard

    Xserve RAID, 14x 500gig drives, connects to Powermac G5 2.7 via Fibre Channel
    and Ethernet.

    These are hobby systems, and I have a lot of fun getting them to their best, and finding new software or hardware to make them better.

  110. Still have a few PowerPC’s, the most active is the G5 Dual 1.8.

    PM G5 Dual 1.8
    4GB RAM
    80 & 500 HDD
    Radeon 9600 Pro

    PM G5 Dual 2.5 (actually not in use because the LCS has to be repaired)

    PM G4 733 Quicksilver 2001
    1 GB RAM
    120 GB HDD
    GeForce 5200FX

    iBook Clamshell 300
    128 MB RAM
    6 GB HDD 😉

  111. I have a Power Mac G5, 2.0 dual processor. Problem in my unit a Nvida GeForce 6800 ultra can’t any drivers or anything for it. Any suggestions. I spoke to Nvida they seem to think only PC’s exist out there. This video card wasn’t cheap when I bought it back a about a century ago. These day’s video cards don’t come close to what this card is capable of. Presently it’s operational but I can’t find my drivers master disk. Any suggestions as to where I can get the drivers and such ?

    • Drivers? OS X has built in drivers for the 6800 Ultra card. There is no driver to add in. If your running some type of Linux, then a driver could be a problem, not sure on the 6800. If your running morphos, it doesn’t support geforce cards at all.

  112. Scored a PowerBook G4 12″ 1ghz with 512mb ram recently to add to my collection. It was working, had tiger installed, with messy file system, lots of junk. Outside was filthy too. I upgraded the ram to 768mb, and zero’d the hard disk. Some elbow grease was needed, but the case cleaned up really well, and it almost looks new. I installed Leopard with iLife 09 and iWork 09. Also my standard collection of favorite apps. Afterwards, ran monolingual and xslimmer to remove all invalid languages, keyboard layouts, and unused cpu architectures. Optimized with Maintenance, Deeper, and Onyx. Its running fantastic now, not slow at all, and boots very fast.

    • Way to Go! You did an amazing job saving this guy. PowerBooks are awesome machines… I’m looking to get one for myself… I do have an iBook G4 to do all the installations and a Pismo to do all texting. 😀

  113. Revived a UMAX S900, upped it to G4 CPU at 495MHz with 824MB RAM, ATI Radeon 7000 graphics, USB/Firewire and -tadah- OSX 10.4.11 running on it. Monolingual ran over it and slimmed the system, now doing its job as my webserver and SetiAtHome cruncher 😉

    • 10.5.8 is the last version for PPC. Buddy3000games, check the About This Mac window, it should say 10.5.8 if you’re running Leopard with all the updates installed, or are you running 10.9.2 on an Intel-based Mac?

  114. How did you do that!? Is it running under emulation or something? I have system 7.0.1 running on an emulated 68k processor

  115. I own at least 7 PPC Macs that I saved from being thrown out. 2. Beige G3”s that I bumped up from 266mhz to 400 ghz, 1. PowerMac 6500/300 that I just got running, 1. PowerMac 6200/cd, 1. 7200/120 1. 20″ G5 iMac ALS 1. Dual Processor 2,5 G5 Tower. I am currently using the G5 Tower as my Mac Server and I am currently working on a Beige G3 266mhz mini tower, trying to get it running. Thanks for keeping the Oldies but Goodies running longer.

  116. PowerMac G5 Dual 2.3 ghz- OS X 10.5.8
    eMac – OS X 10.4.11
    PowerBook G4 OS X- 10.5.6
    iMac G4 OS X 10.4.11
    iMac G5 OS X 10.5.8

  117. 14″ Apple iBook G4 1.42 GHz/768 MB RAM/80 GB HDD/Combo / Leopard Laptop can I use this to
    Stream you tube hd movies or you tube for that matter ? Think you. I wus thinking of buying one any help wood b grate :). I wanna hook it to the

    Sanyo Projector PLV-Z1 w/ Remote

  118. I have a lot:) , but today , yes!! today I buy a G3 Blue & white power pc 750 400 mhz , HD 12 gb, 512 ram, Ati Rage 128, dvd rom and cdrom and ZIP , it running OSX Tiger 10.4.11…,good… in a few days I will upgrade in hd capacity and memory to 1 gb, the case is like new!! 😉

  119. I made a whole video about the PowerPC architecture.

  120. I`m a Microsoft fixed guy, cause I hate Apple!
    Not the great machines or the lovely gadgets but THE FU…ING CONCERN at all & specialy the MAC OS section! GREAT OS (theoretical) of course couse it`s UNIX so many possibilitys and things you could do (THEORETICAL!) but u could`nt & u have no chance to do or even to try it…
    but I love the machines & I grow up with MOTOROLA CPU´S from the beginning (r.i.p.) and so I`m buying 2 ppc machines on e-bay & running them:

    Powerbook G4, 1,3 GHz, 1,5 GB ram, 120 GB SSD(!)
    pimped 10.5.8 but it`s too slow, 10.4. is too bad, Linux sucks… now I`m playing around with 10.5. Server 😉

    IMAC G5 2GHz, max. of 2 GB RAM (MAC OS X with a maximum of 2GB is really a shame) 500GB HD, Geforce 5200 64MB (so bad)

    use it only for internet, e-mails, calender & contacts… SHAME ON ME but what else could i do with this great looking hardware with this really GREAT DISPLAY on these POOR VGA & these laughy 2GB not able to play even 720p video s…

    and i`ve a lot of AIRPORT / AIRBASE STUFF! (2 airbase extreme, 3 airports…)
    Can somone give a windows child & mac os newbie give advice & tips to use the machines wisely?
    My dream is to build a small home network! I
    The G4 as a small homeserver & the G5 as a “Multi” Media machine in the living room?


  121. iBook G3 – 10.3.8 (Panther, about to update to Tiger)
    iBook G4 – 10.5.8 (Leopard)
    Macbook 6,1 – 10.9.2 (Mavericks)
    I know my Macbook has an Intel processor, but it didn’t feel right to not mention my baby. I also am saving up to buy myself an iMac G5, because it’s such a beautiful machine.

  122. Too many to list but my favorites are my Pismo G3, 500 MHz, 512 RAM and my Macbook Pro i7, 2.8 GHz, 16 GB RAM (Mavericks). In between I own 2x PowerMac G5’s, 9x G3-G4 iBook laptops and couple of iMacs. I also have our families very first Apple IIe. I’d love to get a Clam shell and have a number of donor G3 Lombard’s and Pismo’s.

    I love the retro look and feel of early mac’s and do what I can to keep them functioning. Thanks to TenFourFox they can all be used on the internet and I use LibreOffice 4.0 on my Pismo which has OSX 10.4.11. iTunes works great for background music while I work, which I plug a TDK sound system into.

    The G5’s both have Cinema Screens running OSX 10.5(?) that I use VLC for watching movies on + the TDK which just plugs into the earphone jack. While I have an Apple TV 2nd Gen it seldom gets used.

    This is typed on my Pismo PowerBook 3,1 that came out circa 2000. That’s 14 years old.

    I really appreciate the website, keep up the great work.

  123. PowerBook G4 1.67GHz Ram 2 GB SuperDrive
    iMac G3 Bondi Blue 600MHz Ram 512 MB
    Macintosh LC475 16MHz Ram 16 MB
    Macintosh Classic 8Mhz Ram 1 MB

    I really love this blog! Keep going this way! (maybe just post more often 😉 )

  124. Hallo an alle Deutschen hier 😉
    Ich bin ein stolzer Besitzer eines

    Powermac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz mit 2GB Ram.
    Benutze ihn nur als Liebhaberobjekt, neben dran steht n iMac 🙂

    Aber tolle teile diese PowerPC’s…

  125. -iBook G4 – 1.33 GHz – 1.5 GB RAM – 10.5.8
    -iMac G3 – 500 MHz – 512 MB RAM – 10.3.9
    -Power Macintosh 5500/225 – 225 MHz – 16 MB RAM – 8.5
    -Power Macintosh 8600/300 – 300 MHz – 128 MB RAM – 9.1

  126. Got a dp 450MHz PowerMac G4 from a pawn shop, just need heatsinks
    Just picked up a 12″ PowerBook G4, I’m upgrading the screen to 1400×1050 as soon as the piece comes in, and while I’ve got it open I’m going to add two 120GB SSDs in RAID0

  127. – PowerMac G4 Cube 450MHz, 1.5Gb RAM, with 17″ Apple Studio Display – 10.4.11
    – iMac G4 15″ 1GHz, 1.25Gb RAM – 10.5.8
    – Apple mice collection from 1984’s macintosh mouse to magic mouse!

  128. – PowerMac G4 Cube 450MHz – 1.5Gb RAM – 10.4.11 – with 17″ Studio Display
    – iMac G4 15″ 1GHz – 1.25Gb RAM – 10.5.8
    – Collection of apple mice, from 1984’s Macintosh Mouse to the Magic Mouse!

  129. Hello. I just got a PowerMac G5 tower. duo core 2.0 ghz with 8 gb ram…i could use some help finding software…i have a clean install on of lepoaord. i want to set up cubase le4 or le5 but internet wont let me activate my steinberg eliscense page….page doesn’t load right to view correctly…any help would be great.

    Thanks. Verno

  130. MS Office 2008 is a universal app, there is a g5 version of TenFourFox, while it is a bit outdated. MS Office 2004 is for ppc only. While it is faster and requires less hard disk space, it is significantly outdated. There is Open XML Converter, which allows you to convert and read files from newer versions of office. There are quite a bit of games that run on ppc.

  131. PBG4 Ti 1GHz, 2 PBG4 Al 15″ HiRes 1.67GHz, 1 12″ PBG4 1.33GHz, MDD Dual 1.42, mini 1.25GHz, iMac G4, 2 quad 2.5GHz G5, 2.0GHz DC G5, 2.3GHz G5

  132. Hi, I’m looking for a copy of the legendary Coreplayer to play 720p. Using XBMC but I’d like to compare. There is a version on piratebay but it won’t open. Ideas?
    Powerbook g4 1.64GHz

  133. Ibook G4 12” 512 Ram running MAC OsX leopard 10.5.8 , power mac G4 dual 500 Mhz 512 Ram Mac Os 9.0.2 soon to be upgraded to mac os tiger for a home server use, Power mac Dual 1Ghz G4 bad logic board.

  134. Late-2003 iBook G4 12″ 933MHz 1.2GB RAM 80GB on Tiger 10.4.11 (can’t seem to be able to install Leopard…)

    great site!!!! Love my iBook have had it since new, use it everyday, fabulous inbuilt Apple quality, still on the original battery!!!!!!!

    I do have a “modern” Mac as well

  135. Ibook G3 500Mhz, 320mb ram, Dual USB OS X 9.1 and Ibook G4 1.2Ghz 1.25gb ram and OS X 10.5. Both bought in the last 2 weeks and loving it !

  136. G5 Dual 2.0 running 10.5.8 w/ 2 500GB WD drives, DVD burner, 7 gb RAM, ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 64 MB and ATI Radeon 7600 32 MB. PS CS3 and iMovie mainly.

  137. Well, where do I start?

    Mac SE/30. System 3 machine, works as it did when I got it in college brand new.
    PowerMac 7300/200 running OS 8.5.
    iMac G3 DV Ruby running OS 9.0.4 and 10.4.11
    G4 Cube. Running OS 9.2.2 and 10.4.11
    G4 eMac. Running 10.5.8
    G4 MDD FW800. Running OS 9.2.2 damn quick thanks to the folks at os9lives.com.
    G5 Dual 1.8Ghz. Runs 10.5.8
    2007 iMac. Runs 10.9.2
    2009 MacBook Pro. Runs 10.10.2
    2014 Mac Mini i7. Runs 10.10.2.

  138. powermac g5 2.5ghz quad core
    6gb ddr2 sdram
    1×750 gb hdd
    1×320 gb hdd
    nvidia 7800gt 256mb
    os x 10.5.8

    got this from someone that was throwing it away, glad to keep it out of a land fill. i have 2x1tb hdds i plan to install and upgrade the ram. was also thinking about getting a ssd as the boot drive and upgrading graphics card to a 1gb card.

  139. Howdy I am so grateful I found your webpage,
    I really found you by error, while I was searching on Yahoo for something else,
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  140. Power Mac G5 11,2 dual 2.0Ghz processors, 4GB DDR2 RAM, geforce 6600 256MB, soon to be replaced by Mac Pro (sorry but although i really like Power Macs i simply can’t understand its overall mediocre internet pages/flash videos parsing)

  141. Power Mac G5 11,2 dual 2.0Ghz processors, 4GB DDR2 RAM, geforce 6600 256MB, soon to be replaced by Mac Pro (sorry but although i really like Power Macs i simply can’t understand its overall mediocre internet pages/flash videos parsing)

  142. Powermac G5 2.5ghz quad core
    8 Gb RAM
    256GB Kingston HyperX 3k SSD not fusion-set up, instead setup for shared folder operation instead to keep true SSD transfer speeds
    1TB 7200rpm Seagate shared drive
    ATI 1900XT 512Mb Graphics card
    RAID card
    Sonnet G5 JIVE (3 X 2TB 7200 Seagate Hard Drives)
    Part of a HD Home cinema and NAS (FreeBSD-ppc).

    in operation for 10 years still gong strong!

  143. In just a few hours My iBook G4 will arrive in the mail!
    It is 1.42GHz, 14.1 Inches, and has 1.5 GB of ram with a 60GB HDD.. just no charger yet 😦 It is running Mac OS 10.5.8

  144. 1.5 gHz PowerPC G4 15″ notebook with 2 Gig SDRAM – running the max system 10.5.8
    Skype doesn’t support its own software for system 10.5.8 anymore. What can I use for phone and video over internet?

  145. There still is a way to use a patched skype on 10.5.8 PowerPCs.
    At least login, chat and audio calls work fine, video only with partners running another old skype client.
    Hints are all over the web, search for altering skype version number(s) in the corresponding info.plist file!

  146. Powermac g4 Quicksilver Server dual 1.0Ghz 1.5GB ram, using as a file server for a music studio. Striped RAID array makes it zip along. I also have a linux box for it, but honestly I love the aesthetics of the G4 cases. Just cool 🙂

  147. Running a well used power mac G5 with dual 2.0 ghz processors.
    Bought this used from a guy on craigslist a few years ago because I’ve always wanted one. It is beautiful and I use it from time to time to do imovieHD editing. It runs well. Nthing fancy, but it works well. Will likely keep it just because its so pretty to look at!

    Model Power Mac G5 (June 2004)
    Operating System Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Build 9L31a)
    Motherboard PowerMac7,3
    Processor PowerPC G5 (970)
    Processor ID 0039h
    Processors 2 Threads 2
    Cores 2 Memory 1.00 GB PC3200U-30330 DDR SDRAM
    Processor Frequency 2.00 GHz Bus Frequency 1.00 GHz
    L1 Instruction Cache 64.0 KB L1 Data Cache 32.0 KB
    L2 Cache 512 KB L3 Cache 0.00 B

  148. I am sorry to say that I have given up. I have a dual G5 [2003] with 8 gigs of memory NS apple 23″ Cinema Display. One day it sopped running the display. Tried another monitor and that did not work either. Got a new iMac and the migration assistant worked fine [so I think it works to some degree]. Any suggestions as to how to resurrect?

  149. it’s been a while since I’ve commented, and I have recently recieved some old stuff for free. I have an iMac G4 1GHz 17″, a “Sawtooth” PowerMac G4, a late 2005 PowerMac G5 (dual CPU, I forget the speed), and install disks from OS X Public Beta to OS X 10.11. I still need a 10.5 disk for my G5, though. Anyone know where I could get a cheap one/create a USB one?

    • well there is a trick i used on my Quicksilver… i did not succed to create a usb installation, but i had to burn the image on another hard drive… so the trick is to use two hard drives, or to make a partition on a one hard drive, then burn the leopard dmg on it and run the installation as soon as you restart your mac.

  150. One PowerMac G5 Quad’s with 2×2.5GHz Dual-Core 970MP, 16GB DDR2, 1TB boot and 4TB scratch, Nvidia Quadro FX4500 512mb VRAM and one with 2.5 GB DDR2 and Nvidia 7800GT 256mb VRAM

  151. Powermac QuickSilver G4 1.25 ghz made in Ireland in 2002. Still working good. I use it as my main computer. I do not agree with people that say powerpcs are good as first computers or for kids. They can be exploited only if you know how to use them and where to find still working software.

    • Same for me. I’m actually writing from my “baby”.
      Still working, to be honest some problems with websites requiring newer Java&flash versions, but who really cares? I can still edit my photographs etc etc..
      The only device not working with my PB G4 is my iPhone (that requires the latest iTunes to syncronize), and that’s why nowadays I also own a PC.
      Funny, isn’t it? Apple forced me to use Windows… the world is going uspide down!

      • True – I found a lot software for PB – even last Xcode version 👍Espacially I like BBEdit for developing and Adium for chating (except Skype but this is not problem 🙃)

  152. MDD Dual-1.42GHz G4 Running OSX 10.4.11/ OS 9.2.2 (2GB of RAM, Nvidia 4600Ti-128MB Graphics Card).

    – Upgrades –

    • 2-4TB HGST Ultrastar 7K400 (Mirrored through Silicon Image 3124 PCI SataRaid5),

    • 2TB HGST Ultrastar 7K400 (Main Storage),

    • 120GB OWC SSD (System Drive Partitioned in 2 for OSX/OS9 – backs up daily & monthly to above),

    • LG WH16NS40 Quad-Layer BluRay/MDisc (mounted in retro QFire! Housing – connected via FireWire/eSata),

    • 2-Pioneer 118L Internal CD/DVD Burners.

    • 5-USB2.0 and /2-eSata Ports,

    • Iogear Universal 150N Ethernet Adapter High-Speed Networking for OSX/OS9,

    • M-Audio Transit USB Audio Capture and 5.1 Optical Output,

    • Harmon/Kardon Soundsticks II Audio.

    • Apple ADC LCD Studio Display.

    Is an old-timer, but still very spry and capable thanks to TenFourFox/TenFourBird, NeoOffice and PPC Media Center. Still use as my Daily Driver (err – Computer :0).

    Still use for Photography, Web-Design and Retro-Gaming.

  153. Getting an SSD for your PPC?? Here is some important info I found out that might help.

    As stated above, I just got an OWC ‘TRIM-Free’ ssd for my MDD DP 1.42. At first, this was easily the best performance I’ve EVER had on this machine – OS9 level peppiness even running Tiger with heavy apps like TenFourFox. Opened 2 9000×6000 pixel images in Photoshop and doubled them by 10% increments, then opened TenFourFox with 50+ tabs – could move between PS History-states and then back over to TenFourFox and cycle tabs with no-more than 1/10th second delay!!!! Was ROCKIN’ 11GB of Virtual Memory!

    BUT it all came crashing down in less than a day.

    The drive became completely unresponsive and I could not get any further than boot. Thought: “Knew this was too-good to be true!” Well OWC tested the drive and reported back it was fine!?!?!? To be on safe-side they sent another knew one and adviced me to attach to newer machine (Linux in my case) and verify it had newest firmware before using. Well this meant having to partition to MBR so Linux could see it. Well, once it was verified, I repartitioned back to APT to put in the Mac, but suddenly it was unresponsive again like the 1st one! Well to use the parlance of our time – WTF?

    So it was time to get me some edumacation into this stuff. The reason Sandforce controllers don’t need TRIM is that they do it themselves when the drive is idle. On a modern system, with copious amounts of RAM, the only time the ‘Garbage Collection’ function is noticeable, is when large numbers of blocks are being reclaimed. In older OSX systems with 2GB RAM limits, this becomes much more likely than in newer systems.

    So what to do? In this case, the drive was 120GB (for $64 = Good Deal), I had initially partitioned it into 2 sections (80GB for OSX and 40GB for OS9). On a light day, maybe this would be fine, but on those ‘Heavy-Flow Days’, I can easily push 20GB or so onto VM, so I either plan on allowing for periodic down-time or give the drive all the room it can support to enable maximum paging flexibility. The second idea has been great and no more problems. Also, some have said that with Sandforce’s drives this also makes sense in wear-leveling, because the more of the drive is available, the more it can spread the data around, and the drives also auto-recopy data periodically to make sure it stays fresh.

    Boot-times/program load times aside, one of these SSDs are the best investment you can put into your classic PowerMac. Like having virtually limitless RAM. But you need to allow it more openspace to auto-maintain (for G4/32-bit systems at least 40GB).

    Also while they do still offer the ‘Legacy’ IDE/ATA versions, there is no reason to pay the extra $40 when an IDE/Sata adaptor (at least if you are on a desktop with the room inside) like this one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pata-IDE-To-Sata-Hard-Drive-Adapter-Converter-3-5-HDD-DVD-Parallel-to-Serial-ATA-/171424564491 is available for about $6 and works like a charm.

    Happy PPC Computing Folks!!

    •• Note on IDE/SATA adaptors: The smaller inline ones like mentioned above, generally have a 2TB limit. Larger drives often require a PCI card. Also, they sometimes add an additional 1-second delay to Access/Spin-Up times. Once data starts moving, there is no delay, but if your only drive is an SSD, it might make sense to experiment disabling ‘disksleep’ on pmset in Terminal. Even in this case, however, they were occasionally be a momentary searching during bootup for the system folder as the card comes to life. This is normal.

  154. In case you´re interested in even more SSD options for your PowerBooks:
    I found a good solution that works for me in a couple of 15″ and 12″ PowerBook G4 and even one 3400c (!). Best thing is that the parts needed are not outdated nor special to Mac nor costly – and top of all, the form factor of an internal 2.5″ drive is matched:

    The way to go is:
    1) get a mSATA SSD (mini form factor, sometimes called 1.8″ SATA)
    These drives range from crap (Transcend 8GB) through moderate size (32GB Toshiba, AData, Samsung etc.) to nowadays 512GB (i.e. Crucial). You might be looking for a TRIM free / self trimming version. I´ve never focused on this, used what I could get and did not yet notice any slowdowns, even after months of usage under OS X 10.5.8 and 10.4.11
    Price indication: eBay has 32GB drives for around €20,- and sometimes less!

    2) get a mSATA to IDE/PATA 2.5″ adapter board with 2.5″ enclosure. Assemble with mSATA SSD and have a direct replacement of the old spinning lagging mechanical drive in your beloved PowerBook.
    Price indication: eBay has some offers starting at mere US$12,- from chinese vendors.
    (Bought a couple from different sources, the PCB and chipset seem to always be the same)

    Hope this helps a bit,

    • Great, finally!! I´ve been looking for such a “solution” for a long time.
      Only drawback is that some videos that play slow but correctly on other players do it fast but with artifacts on CorePlayer. Perhaps it can be configured to drop frames instead but play nicely?

    • I’ve heard that it play’s 720p on a powerbook G4 1.67 Ghz. Cool, ringing out those old powerbooks for all that they’re worth.

  155. Powerbook G4 ( Powerbook 5,8) 1,67 GHz
    2 x 1GB GB RAM SO-DIMM DDR2 PC5300
    KingSpec SSD 64GB PATA IDE 44pin SSD
    ATI Mobility Radeon 970 – 128MB (RV360M11)

  156. Hi everyone. I just bought a PowerBook G4 1.67 15″ DLSD/HR for $50.00. That’s the Hi-Res model that was on the market for 3 months before they pulled it for the intel models. It’s rare. it was a gamble, I bought it sight unseen so I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Here’s the breakdown. Machine is running, the new battery is detected but not charging. One ram slot is dead and the screen goes black while still running. I reset the PRAM and SMC, that did nothing. There’s a Hi-Res logic board on ebay, should I try to save this machine?

    • Update: Battery is now charged. I haven’t looked at the machine for over a month and the battery is now magically charged BUT If I pull the power cable out the machine dies. So the charged battery doesn’t operate the machine. Weird.

  157. As far as I know, the difference between HiRez and std. 15″ PowerBooks is only the display, so you’d not need the more expensive board…

    On iFixit there’s even a report of one succesful transplant of a hirez 12″ TFT into a 12″ PowerBook G4.
    It’s just a matter of the right LVDS timing and connector.

    • Finally got around to this. The Hi-Rez machine has 128mb of VRAM vs 64mb on the standard model. The Hi-Res model runs much cooler than the standard, also. Shame it’s a fixer upper.

  158. Hey Everyone. Am wrapping up PPC Media Center version 6.0 this week (Universal PPC/Intel OSX 10.4-10.8)!!!

    Gets around the WebM hassles that PPC users have been facing with direct playback in previous versions, adds a Batch-Download Function, Vimeo Album/Youtube List play/DL and much more.

    This will be the last release and is being setup to last for a while. Will be able to download at http://ppcluddite.blogspot.com/ in a few days (will let you all know).

    QUESTION – Have not Offered Localization Before Know, but am thinking I might this time. Are there any people who can do good translations to any major languages that might want to chip in a little time? Probably a page and 1/2 of small text blocks.

    If interested, reply here. Happy to Give Credit to all Who Help.

  159. Are you using ‘FoxBoxes’ to speed up internet sites on PPC? If not you should be!

    AND I’ve recently discovered you can even ‘Hack’ your FoxBoxes to get a LOT more speed out of them! Based on a set of Tweaks for TenFourFox at:


    here is a replacement “prefs.js” file to drop into the Application Support folder after the apps has been run once (must be run once to create the profile ‘********.default’ folder).

    Enables many high-level performance increases like Pipelining that can double speeds on networks that support it and even advanced color-management.

    Just installed on 1.67 G4 PowerBook and it is so fast that the owner can now have Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo open, and they are the actual sites (not mobile versions)!

    Comes with good Read Me!


  160. Got a Pismo 550 G4, with 64gb SSD, 1gb memory, slot loading DVD-RW, a battery for each side, 100mb Zip, and 120mb floppy Superdrive. It’s in perfect physical condition, and the screen is flawless.

    • Still rocking my PowerBook G4 1,67Ghz DL-SD, with 2gieg of ram and a 100gb seagate momentus drive, leopard runs like a champ in my oldie! Had a MacBook Pro 17″ intel based crap, sold it and when out to get myself my lovely PowerBook!! Damn this Intel crap machines! They are SO crappy, and if you think that you’re powerbook gets hot, use a intel machine for 1 hour and you can cook a meal on it! At least my fans of my powerbook g4 are a lot more silent then this intel coockbooks!!

  161. i’m running right now a Graphite Ibook G3 ( Clamshell ) 466MHZ with 570mo of ram . i run 10.3 on it . trying to find a good browser to do some light web browing .
    i do not find anylink for a version of sea monkey for G3 on 10.3 or i can’t find opera 10.10 for ppc either …

    otherwise i have too in my collection . a G4 imac ( flowerpot ) a lime 400mhz G3 imac . a powermac G4 ( stored ) . i’ve got too a Power Macintosh 6100/66w . a Macintosh IIsi , a macintosh classic and my loved one a macintosh 128k updated to 4meg with a 100meg external zip drive has my hard drive .

  162. Just came across your blog. Glad I’m not operating alone with a legacy Mac! Here goes: Still in use daily at a Commercial Print Shop. eMac 17inch CRT, 1 GHz PPC G4 with 1 Gb RAM, ATI Radeon 7500 graphics chip with a ATIccelerator II mod by Thomas Perrier, 60Gb HDD, CD/CDR optical drive and with added Airport Extreme Card. Built-In modem used daily with SmileOnMyMac’s PageSender Fax software to receive and send faxes! Running OS X 10.4 Tiger with Classic Mode capability. TenFourFox and Classilla web browsers to allow PPC to stay relevant in today’s browsing environment. Still using Freehand 10 and Quark 4.1 to create (not modify) documents that can be brought into current apps like Illustrator and InDesign CC.

  163. I’m glad I found this site!

    I still prefer to work on my G5 2GHz Dualprocessor PPC, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD (internal), 2TB HDD (external), DVD-RW, ATI Radeon 9600 PRO.

    Adobe CS2/4, TenFourFox, QuarkXPress are running smoothly on this good old machine 🙂

    Its main use: Repair corrupted Harddisks from poor Windows-Users 😉

    Keep your PPC’s up and running, folks!

    Regards, Guitarman

  164. I Have My Lovely PowerBook 500Mhz, 1Gb ram, 60Gb HDD, running well but just kepping it as love on first sight and sometimes i let my 5 year old doughter use it for painting and playing…

  165. In March I at last resurrected a PowerMac G5 (June 2004) DP 2.5 GHz, 5 Gb RAM (for start) and mirrored 1Tb HDD. It was a liquid cooling system leak and the power Supply was killed by it. Also there was lot of metal corrosion. I bought it cheap. I already have G5 2.0 Ghz, where 1 or 2 CPU boards were dead, so I took all parts from it to new 2.5. The DVD was blind, so I took a good one from my G4 Mirror Drive Door. Now it has a passive colling system and a new name Frankenstein %) Today it runs 10.5.8 Leopard Server with NetBoot+NetInstall services, Apple Diagnostics and later I plan to move there my Photo medialibrary from Mac mini 2014 with Sierra 12.4.

  166. iBook g3 – 800 Mhz PowerPC, 256 Mb ram, ATI Mobility Radeon 7500, Mac OS 10.4.11(last supported version)

  167. Some weeks ago I rescued a PowerMacG5 at the moment she is in the process of resurrection to an state as good as new and with the maximum of power and versatility i can put in 😉

    PowerMAC DualCore G5 2,3 GHZ 8 GB RAM, PCI-Express, GForce 6600, Sonnett SATA-3 Card, 4 TB Notebook HDD (very silent and fast) and 256 GB SSD (Samsung EvO 850) Running OSX 10.5.8 (the system runs like hell 😉

    Planned: Nvidia Quattro 4500, Second HDD 4 TB, 16 GB of RAM 😉 and if Possible USB3

  168. I currently have an iBook G3, iBook G4, Powerbook G4, eMac, PowerMac G4 (Quicksilver), iMac G3, iMac G5 (currently not working, and will be getting an iMac G4 in November.

  169. PowerMac G5 2,0 Ghz PowerPC 3,5 Go Ram with a Velociraptor150 160 Go
    It a cheap machine that I bought for nothing on the famous french site “leboncoin.fr” …
    Fantastic machine with full of useful softwares …
    Phil from France

  170. big collection – PowerBook 1400c, Titanium G4, PowerBook g4, PowerBook WallStreet, Mac Pro G5, Mirror Door G4, iMac G4 (Goose Neck) iMac g4 white poly, iMac intels (2 – 20’s, 2 – 27’s) MBP 15 2013, MacPro 2013, 7200 Desktop, G4 Cube, mac mini core solo, mac mini i5 and my pride and joy, a Twentieth Anniversary Mac (purchased new). Cube and Tam have processor upgrades and max RAM, I am getting ready to add SSD’s.

  171. I have an eMac G4 at 1GHz and 768MB of RAM. I upgraded it with an AirPort Extreme wireless card, so I can use it in my room for listening to music on an old version of Spotify. It runs 10.5 Leopard.

    I also have an iBook G4 14″ at 1.25GHz and 1GB of RAM, but it does not work properly. The battery is dead and the power jack is non-functional. When I plug in the charging cord, nothing happens. It’s a shame, because it’s a great notebook otherwise. It is running 10.4 Tiger.

  172. PowerBook G4 Titanium (15 inch), 667Mhz, 1Gb RAM. I write on it documents (MS-Office 2004 with docx.), listen to the music, video and music making using iLife ’08 software bundle. It is running 10.4.11 Tiger with fresh updates.

    Also I have MacBook Air Mid 2017.

    Moldova, Chisinau

  173. Looking for info I came across this website, thought leave a comment too…….
    I have an iMac G5 at 1,8 GHz with 2Gb RAM (from my old AMD64 PC) and 320 GB 2,5″ HDD (From an old Motorola VIP1963 Cable tuner) and was running OSX 10.5.8 Leopard.
    That was not running very well, with the “old” browsers and hard to find software, so I made the switch to Lubuntu 14.04.5 (Installed with boot DVD) Now my iMac is reborn and can be used again with almost all the new free open source software available on this platform.
    At the moment I am trying to upgrade to Ubuntu version 16.04… cross my fingers……

    • Apple systems are like a fine wine when you find a good OS for it the results can be pretty impressive. I’ve dealt with apple computers since the 70’s, I do not like the new Apple pro. Sure it has more memory but I found it to be extremely clumsy when it comes to allotting memory. But the older pro series G5 with a dual processor to me does circles around the new Apple Pro. IMac’s are too limited made for a person who really doesn’t d much computer wise. I call the iMac as a game player want to be.
      But keep in mind I build PC’s and Apple systems, Apple screwed up when they adopted crummy windows, the new windows uses Edge, which to me was programed for one purpose to eliminate Google and other sites. I’ve spoken to Microsoft Technical Department and asked some very serious questions. (1) Why is Microsoft stop supporting Internet Explorer. (2) Why is Microsoft trying to eliminate their competition.
      (3) Why is Edge based on sales, Microsoft products, etc.
      The answer they gave me is all based on the dollar, Microsoft doesn’t make money with Internet Explorer, but third parties are making a killing. I have one system, PC Based, that is stuck using Edge 42. Now Edge 42 is supposedly based on corporate and IT use, but it depends upon cloud. Cloud is very vulnerable to attacks, information you put on cloud consider it on the billboard it’s not really secured.

      OK!! Back to the Apple G5, with the right software it kicks butt. I found that Leopard makes a G5 hum with delight. Reason Leopard has a very good memory watcher. Now if you don’t know what a memory watcher is then do some very intense research I don’t have time for idiots who don’t know programing.
      An Apple G5 dual processor is a very sweet rig, but if you only play the stupid games then you are nothing more than a looser to me. Personally I’m into advanced graphics and real time progressive reality. So if you only play games then you are only paying what some idiot wants you to play. The real fun is get into the cheap lazy programing and change the parameter’s now this is really where the fun comes in. If you play games with other users then the only thing your doing is wasting your time. The true game player sure plays with per say a group of people but when the group clicks then the real playing begins. Getting into the program and really have fun, but be careful you will never play some damn game that someone thought up leaving you only x number of paths or actions. There are two distinct PC or Apple users those who waste their time with crumby, sloppy programing, sure spend days months or what ever in the end you just wasted your time. The other is those who get into the games and change parameters. Example: that rifle your shooting with has so many bullets, but change the parameter and now it becomes a portable high intense laser. Or that sword you have in your hand is not just a sword but it’s also diamond sharp, it fits your hand because the sword becomes one with your hand, ok take it to more an extreme that sword will only accept your hand. Anybody else picks it up and their hand burns.

      Again an Apple G5 can be limitless. An Intel I9, gee you’ll never know it’s full potential unless you are running at least 64 gig’s of memory. I good intel i5 will suite any looser who just plays games written by three headed monkeys. But if that PC or Apple doesn’t have a good memory manager than all you have is a clumsy piece of worthless junk.

      I have just built a PC that has a common processor but it has 128 gig’s of memory, five sd drives, 2 blue ray cd/dvd units.and a few adjusted tweaks to two upper video cards. When I turn the system on it takes the first screen five seconds to appear, if I have the system play 3 dimensional chess with another computer it normally wins within x number of moves, each game is played differently.

      Enough said, but don’t discard that old G5, instead look fore the grass hopper at your feet.


  174. Power Mac G5, 4GB RAM, 120GB solid-state-drive, 1x 500 G B hard drive

    Runs really well still. Single 1.8GHz CPU model

  175. Okay, but you did ask about this:

    Two 2002 G4 MDD FW 800 DP 1/25
    2003 G4 MDD FW400 SP 1.25
    PM 900 with a G4 1.0 upgrade card/
    PM 7300 800
    G4 Cube
    G4 DA 733
    G5 Dual Core (2.3)

    After that, we are in the Intel Mac era and I know no one wants to know those!

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