Lame MP3 encoder for Mac PowerPC

We mentioned here about how great Audacity is, but we can’t forget to mention that you may need this encoder to convert your projects into MP3.

Lame MP3 Encoder 3.100 > Download here >


Thank you 😀

2 comments on “Lame MP3 encoder for Mac PowerPC

  1. Still using my PowerPC G4 desktop 7450 on a daily basis, not for hobby but professional. It’s connected to a large format scanner and used for technical drawings which are then machined on top spec CNC machines. Everyone here says I’m crazy… a dinosaur… which is fine with me as my 15 year old Mac has survived quite a few newer models. I can’t see why I should ‘upgrade’ every so many months, to me it’s a tool not a fashion gimmick.

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