Money Money Money Management For Mac PowerPC 

Well, money is something that we all need to pay close attention to, as it doesn’t grow on trees.  If you have a professional looking out for you, like a personal accountant, you should ensure you review all of your transactions.  If you prefer to walk alone, and believe that there is no need to involve a professional, you should attempt to take total control of your own finances.

Again, there are tons of apps for macs with intel, but the PowerPC has very few options, but we’re not totally limited either! I confess that I like to use iWork 09′ to organize my bills and do my budgeting because there are great templates that make it very easy to use ( after trying few apps I changed my mind).  But if you are looking for an app with maximum features, I recently found some great options.  The idea of this blog is to give you the cheapest or free “open source” options, but this time most of the apps that I found require you to open your wallet to start saving…or at least to start figuring out where your money is going!

* Cashculator – (ShareWare $29.95) – This app is not JUST another personal finance manager…this app helps you to focus more on your future financial situation, to ensure you go from rags to riches!  One of my favourite features allows you to not only keep track of all your bills, but you’re able to plan all your future expenses and inevitably, your financial future!  The best part:  It’s easy to use with a very user-friendly interface, and I have to confess the icon is really cool and very original – lol! PowerPC 10.5. – (The Apparentsoft is offering you a bunch of apps for a great deal, you definitely won’t regret this purchase!!  Not all apps are compatible with PowerPC)

* CheckBook Pro – (ShareWare $24.95 on sale til Dec/31 for $19.95) – If you prefer something more Pro with more features and tools, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one.  This app is full of features and it won’t make you pocket shrink either!  You are going to be impressed with how easy Checkbook Pro is to work with!  Works with PowerPC 10.4 or later (there is a chance it may work with 10.3.9 but unconfirmed). –

* Moneydance – (ShareWare $49.99) – This app is a full featured financial manager.  It’s more expensive than the others, and it does have few extra features such as online banking, online bill payment and it’s very easy to use.  PowerPC 10.4 or later (all the Tigers running around must be really happy, GO TIGERS).  –

* Stash – (Free) – It’s a simple and fast personal finance tool.  It’s easy to use and you can make multiple accounts, split transactions etc.  You check easy graphs and manage your payments and create schedules.  Believe it or not, you can do all this for free!!!  Works for PowerPC 10.5 –

* Motimotion Prospects – ($25.00) – Allows you to organize all your finances, with many different features including:  budget advisor, schedule transactions, reminders, balance reconciliation, filters and much more.  Also it does have up to three viewpoints that help the user to easily visualize the monthly information.  PowerPC 10.5 or later.  (they have other apps at ).

* iCompta – (ShareWare $25.00) – This app is really simple to use, it does everything that a personal finance accountant needs to do, without any secrets.  You will easily manage multiple currencies, also can be synched with your iPhone on a wireless network via Bonjour.  Another nice feature is that secure documents can be password encrypted, and it works with PowerPC (1.4 for 10.4), (3.3.6 and 4.0.10 for 10.5).  –

* SEE Finance – (ShareWare $29.99) – This app works for PowerPC 10.5.  It’s very good finance manager, easy to use and features include: Scheduled transactions, budget, in-depth reporting, investment monitoring, multiple currencies etc. –

* iBank – ($59.99) – I know, I know! This app is the most expensive of the list, but it does the job really well, with many great features and it’s the most complete personal finance app for Mac OS X (PowerPC).  Also you can download an iBank Widget to your dashboard for a fast view.  It’s very intuitive and the minimum requirements: 10.5.7.  If you feel spending a bit more money this app is a great option.

All the apps for personal finance appear to be great for organizing your personal finances.  All of them have great lay-outs, many import and export files QIF/OFX/QFX and more.  It’s really hard to choose one, the best way to make sure you find which one is ideal for your needs is to download all your favorites and take advantage of the free Trial Versions, so you can do a “test drive” in all of them.  Then the only thing you have to do is actually start saving money!  If you really get into it saving money and making budgets I would advise you to get a copy of Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s book.  Gail is the host of a fabulous and informative tv show called Til Debt Do Us Part, which really gives you ideas on how to budget and save!  You can read information on her own web site: and download spreadsheet templates direct to your computers there!

Don’t waste your time…make sure you get your PowerPC copy before the support drops out!

MacPowerPC is proud to partner with The Apparentsoft to award one of our readers a complimentary copy of CashCulator software.  MacPowerPC is excited to be your blog of choice and we commit to continuing our legacy of keeping the PowerPC operational!  Thank you The Apparentsoft for your support.  Marc, MacPowerPC Admin!

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