Aurora: “the next generation” for Mac PowerPC

AuroraFox Browse for Mac PowerPC

AuroraFox is on my G5.  I think/hope they fixed “whatever” was being a problem and not supporting G5s, and I’m anxious for the new update to come so I can start using this program on regular basis.  Yesterday, I got home from work and tried to download it again and suddenly it worked and launched with no problems at all.  So far I’m using it and like it.  I will keep AuroraFox as another browser option because I like to have 2 sometimes 3 browsers open to do different tasks at the same time.  Right now I have 3 tabs on: twitter, facebook and running, with no problem.

I like the full screen view and it looks like you can sync your firefox account with Aurora, plus mange the famous add-ons…

Well so far that is the news for the Monday, and you can download the version that is working for me from this link:

AuroraFox (Free) PowerPC Leopard 10.5 – or

Happy Surfing!

6 comments on “Aurora: “the next generation” for Mac PowerPC

  1. Yes, it has fullscreen, and Firefox add-ons generally seem to work. On my 800 Mhz G4 “lamp base” iMac running Leopard it at least merits my attention…

    As a fan of TenFourFox, though, it isn’t clear to me what AuroraFox adds to my beloved, proudly archaic “lamp base” iMac but another browser icon in the dock.

    I’m open to learning. Teach away…

    • > what is benefit from TenFourFox
      It’s based on newer version of FF.
      >which has clever AltiVec optimisations
      Hint: half of these were done by AuroraFox maintainer. You seriously think that he won’t use these (barring updates to relevant Firefox code)?

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