Software for Phones PowerPC

I have a phone that I want to connect/send sms/sync with my powerpc, how can I do it?
First of all, see in the manufacter support page if you phone has a suite for mac, or an isync plugin.
Some Nokias and most Sony Ericssons do.If not you can try googling about it (Sometimes people do isync plugins, and there are the paid Novamedia ones.
Other options (not only to sync but to send sms,make calls,etc) are this programs:BluePhoneElite – you can download it and try for 14days, since it isn’t available to buy, contact the owner or use google for the complete version.MegaCellX – MegaCellX is shareware, so you can try the software before to buy it with some limitations. In order to eliminate the limitations it is necessary to buy it.

GSMRemote – This application is shareware (US $10). You can give it a time-unlimited test drive.

In the past I used bluephoneelite sucessfully with Nokia E51,E52 and others.And the others were the ones compatible with my black and white phones such as the siemens SL45i.

Android phones do airsyncing, read here:
There’s no need to buy app’s or isync plugins.

Thank you very much Skinniezinho (macrumors 6502) for sharing all this info with the Mac PowerPC family.  We all appreciate.
Thank you Erik for sharing with this app –  There’s also SyncMate by Eltima. I use this on both my Macs and it sync seamlessly with my WinMo phone –

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