Organized (widget) for Mac PowerPC

Some people don’t use their dashboard very often and disable it because it uses some memory ram to run all those widgets, but sometimes there are nice widgets that could help your day by day browsing, getting news or just using the computer regularly.  In fact, Apple was really smart to set up a location (like a desktop) for all your favorite widgets.  To take it a step further, there is a great widget I came across entitled Organized.  It’s a simple and fast way to check your calendar, events, world clocks, notes etc. All in a single widget.  If you like the idea, you should just visit the developer’s web site to gather more information.  It’s free to use and installation (and uninstallation) of this widget is VERY easy.

* Organized 1.11 (Free) PowerPC Leopard 10.5 –

iCal Exchange For Mac PowerPC

iCal Exchange

This is not exactly an app but it’s a really nice site/tool, from my point of view.   iCall Exchange will help you to share your calendar or make it public or private, so you can share your to-do list on line with your friends/family. You can also create a private access list, for yourself only.  It’s interesting because you can sync your list with your iPhone calendar without the use of iCloud.   I didn’t try this with the iPhone, instead I tested it with a windows phone and it worked just fine,!  I took the iCal and created one public list and one private list…worked great!

* iCal Exchange (FREE) –

Don’t forget to check this out, it’s a great tool.