iCal Exchange For Mac PowerPC

iCal Exchange

This is not exactly an app but it’s a really nice site/tool, from my point of view.   iCall Exchange will help you to share your calendar or make it public or private, so you can share your to-do list on line with your friends/family. You can also create a private access list, for yourself only.  It’s interesting because you can sync your list with your iPhone calendar without the use of iCloud.   I didn’t try this with the iPhone, instead I tested it with a windows phone and it worked just fine,!  I took the iCal and created one public list and one private list…worked great!

* iCal Exchange (FREE) – http://icalexchange.com/

Don’t forget to check this out, it’s a great tool.

2 comments on “iCal Exchange For Mac PowerPC

  1. A fine alternative to Exchange is Gmail. To use the Leopard-version of iCal (and AddressBook) in combination with GMail, you can use SyncMate. Your appointments and contacts will be synced on all your PPC-macs!

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