FMenu Facebook Notification on PowerPC

This is very interesting tool to make your PowerPC a little more active for Social Media.

FMenu works together with Growl, pushing notifications on Facebook events, messages, pokes, wall posts, photo comments, etc straight from your menu bar.

FMenu 3.1 (Free) – PowerPC friendly 10.5/10.4 (Leopard / Tiger) –

HimmelBar (Menu Shortcut) for Mac PowerPC

If you are looking for a nice menu bar shortcut for your applications or utilities, I think your search is about to end!  Let me introduce to you HimmelBar.

*HimmelBar 3.0 (accepting donations) – 10.4 / 10.5 – PowerPC friendly.  It’s a very small icon on menu bar that gives you many options to easily access your folders, applications, etc.  You can also customize the folders and applications to better suit your needs.  After you start using it, you will likely question yourself why Apple didn’t think about this before because it’s a great feature and makes browsing your own computer much easier!  One of the features that I like is that you have the choice on what size your icons are displayed (big, small or not at all!)  Make sure you check the options Launch at login and go to Preferences as soon as you install, to do the setup the way you prefer.

Now comes good news for our feline relatives:

Jaguar users – 1.4.4

Panther users – 2.4.3

Tiger & Leopard – 3.0

Just one more point, this would be really great for Jaguar, Panther and Tiger because the folder dock application does not work the same way that it does on Leopard: you have to click and keeping holding until the list shows up and it’s not quite a shortcut…

Show Today’s Date on the Menu Bar for Mac PowerPC

Show Today’s Date on the Menu Bar for Mac PowerPC

Have you ever wanted to be able to see today’s date on the menu bar of Leopard/Tiger, but the system options only allow you to display the time only?  I’m sure that you are probably thinking here he goes again with another app/plugin to install…but this time you are wrong!   To “fix” this issue, it’s very simple, but it will take a bit more than a checkbox.

Go to System Preferences > International and go to the Formats tab.

Next to Dates, click Customize… > Here you customize your menu bar’s appearance.  You can drag and drop from date elements and build and personalize the menu bar from the dropdown boxes.

Next, you select your choice and use the famous (cmd+c).  Press OK and move to the next item down under: Times, hit customize… and choose Medium format, now you paste the date next to the time format and move for the position that you want it and hit OK and you are done.

Now your menu bar will display the date as Snow Leopard or later does.

If you guys like this information please leave us your comments and we will try to search  for more tricks, like these.