Black Lab for Mac PowerPC

Damp / Lamp & Frank Synth

Just when most developers are trying to get away from the “old” OS, we got contacted by Mauro from Black Lab offering Mac PowerPC some cool apps for us to test and the results are very satisfactory.  It’s one of those apps that you think you don’t need until you start using it…after which, it just feels like a new feature added to your OS!  So without further adieu:  Here is the list:

* Damp / Lamp – It’s a great app that helps you to show and hide all your hidden files, it’s simple but very convenient to use on a daily basis.  The most important thing is the fact that it’s easy to access and you can hide and protect important folders, especially if you have kids at home…and files you don’t want them to see or use.

* Frank Synth – This is another great app with 2 buttons: Synth and “Prueba de Sonido” which essentially means Soundcheck.  Soundcheck will check your sound system and Synth, and programs such as “Dictation & Speech” Text to Speech on Mountain Lion.  This electronic voice system will speak every word you type, which can be used for hundreds of things.  A few example that comes to my mind right now are:  it could be used to give captions to photos in video or could be used for listening to what you are writing so you can have an idea of how it sounds.   You could also make yourself an audio book, or just make the computer say dirty things aloud!  Hahaha  the possibilities are endless!


I also want to mention that Black Lab is developing various things for Mac and are open to develop applications for all your needs, in case you guys are looking for something specific contact Mauro.  You can drop him a line at eldritch[at] and he will be more than happy to help you!  Thanks Mauro!