RealPlayer SP for Mac

This is a great player and the latest version of RealPlayer does a lot more than just play videos.  Download videos from the web.  Convert your video library and copy them to iTunes.

* Real Player SP (Free) – PowerPC Friendly – 10.4 / 10.5 (G4/G5).  –

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 12.47.07 PM

3 comments on “RealPlayer SP for Mac

  1. Super! Just note that the Converter app that cos with RPsp doesn’t work on 10.4.11 G4… But the App it self solved the slow playback that I had with the other players.

  2. I really don’t understand why people rag on RealPlayer – and they really DO, I mean, even I remember the old .rm files with poor quality rendering and limited usability – but talk about leaps and bounds….
    I run a twin G5 and it’s rocking 12.0.1 RealPlayer, and those few updates since 10 (above) have totally revolutionised how my PowerPC deals with the web.
    For instance, it doesn’t shout about the fact it even has a web browser, I admit I found out by accident, and the built in flash functionality has proven invaluable in the ever-increasing chasm adobe and apple left us all in.
    Ensuring you set it up on installation correctly, the DOWNLOADER will instantly pick up flash content you might not otherwise be able to access. (Gotta mention here that, essentially (with the exception of Perian) I’ve gutted my tower of almost all built in flash – only apps that use their own code for the moment .)
    Admittedly, the browser is not exactly feature packed – essentially it only had a forward, backward, home buttons plus about five right-click options, and a rudimentary “favourites” bookmarking system (which supports Bonjour), but having come to terms with having a no frills interface, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by what it can do, where it can get to that the traditional big boys won’t let you no more.
    And lastly with regards the browser , the right-click (safari-like) download speed is/can be absurdly fast – much quicker than something like your FFox DownThemAll plugin, for instance.
    Furthermore, it’s got a built in speed-tester which helps idiots like me no end with network problems, too. With no Adblock things can get a little pop-uppy and there are certain limitations on types of downloads it can cope with, but you’ll soon learn to sidestep those sites or use safari/WebKit when it (and it will from time to time) harmlessly itself upon encountering such sites – I can’t explain exactly which cdn systems cause this as I simply don’t have the necessary depth of knowledge, but any “[right-click]-download-linked-file” system is what you’re looking to use (just an example, but it really dislikes
    My one major, and by that I actually mean pretty insignificant, is the little goading message you get when you open the converter and it tells you every time that “RealPlayer converter works best on an intel machine”. Anyone know how to turn that off?
    Much-maligned but definitely an essential. Love it long time.

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