News: SeaMonkey Browser for PowerPC

SeaMonkey for PowerPC just released (2.22.1) – Leopard 10.5
– Additional Functionality: QuickDraw Plugin capability has been restored.

4 comments on “News: SeaMonkey Browser for PowerPC

  1. Really awesome that hiker biker continues to pump out the Sea Monkey updates. Also awesome that plugin functionality is restored, as Scriptish works with Sea Monkey, which means Viewtube does too, with Quicktime.

  2. Sorry I’m writing this here… but could anyone help me get a kext file from Mac OS 10.5.8 Leopard, more precisely AppleUSBAudio.kext? I’m looking for an older kext version which supports AppleTrinityAudio devices…

  3. hello , there are also versions that work with osx Tiger very well – see seamonkey 1*

    find seamonkey 1 alot more faster than seamonkey 2 but little bit more trouble with plugin-handling.

  4. My MacBookPro Is from 2009 so i think it shouldve still been in here but is it possible to get it back so i can use my Lego MindStorm NXT 2.0 Disk to download the app back

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