Applications to Write Books on PowerPC

Once I read this article on MakeUseOf ( and I thought that it was very interesting.  I’m not a writer but sometimes when I want to write some articles here on PowerPC I sometimes have difficulties in focussing and concentrating.  It’s hard to concentrate on drafting my text, with so many things going on my computer: Facebook, Tweets, E-mails popping up, things that I want to search on Google… At the end of the day, I just dont find myself writing as often as I’d like.

So from this article I installed and tried the following apps that work with Mac OS X and to my surprise, a few of them actually ran on PowerPC!!!  Here are the results.

* JDarkRoom (15 Beta) – – Simple full-screen text editor, that you just have to run and start typing.  You can change the background color, font and font size.  It’s comfortable to write with JDarkRoom.

*Typewriter (2.0) – – Minimal Text Editor and again you just run it and start typing.  With this program, you need to type ever word, no copy, no paste, no delete.  It’s like you are on an old school typewriter and that’s what this application is all about.

*DarkCopy – Simple, full-screen text editor that does not require installation.  You do the task straight from your browser, I think is a great idea and everyone should try it.

I hope you guys enjoy one of these three options and before I start writing another post I will watch my anime.  At the moment I’m very busy with the saga of Alabasta / One Piece!

And in case you were wondering which application I use to write my posts….at the moment I’m using AppleWorks 6 and sometimes iWork 8.  But if I was a writer I would use Typewriter and JDarkRoom.

P.S.: After talking to the writer of the original post, he mentioned that FocusWriter has a version available for PowerPC… so it’s time for Mac PowerPC to dig deep on Google.  We found out that FocusWriter 1.3.1 is fully compatible with PowerPC 10.5 and here is link (, I uploaded it on my cloud account to make it easier for you guys and I have to mention that FocusWriter is a very good full-screen text editor with more features.  If you decide to work with small windows you will have access to an easy menu!

10 comments on “Applications to Write Books on PowerPC

  1. Good list! I would add FocusWriter, though, because it was the best app for the job when I did my search a couple years ago. I forget what the last version for PPC was, but you seem pretty good at figuring that out.

    I’ve been checking this site regularly for a while, but I’ve got some sad news: I bought an Intel Mac yesterday. Can I still hang out?

    • Hi Justin, Thanks for the info. After researching and trying a few versions, I found out that FocusWriter 1.3.1 works very well on PowerPC Mac 10.5. Thank you for the material, I really liked your post. You and any “PowerPC or Intel” users are more than welcome to chill out here on Mac PowerPC, as long as you guys don’t transform your working PowerPC machine into an aquarium or iPad holder, or something of the like! LOL! Do you plan to work with both machines or will you do the unthinkable, and put the PowerPC to sleep?
      Happy to have you onboard!

      • I don’t know if I’ll be using the PPC much anymore, to be honest. It’s a Mac Pro G5, and it takes up a lot of space – and isn’t nearly as fast as my new MacBook Pro. Crashes less too, and I can run Chrome.

        So while I had fun seeing what I could keep running, I might be moving no. I won’t mod the PPC into anything weird, though – I’ll see if anyone can use it instead.

        And I didn’t write the original post, I’m just someone who happens to work for the same website.

    • Intel is not that good as PPC, but then again it is still sort of a Mac anyway :-) 😉
      May-be you will still miss your powerpc… :-) I often use other people’s intel but I must say I feel more comfortable on my old Powermac G4 MDD 867Mhz… At least it does not crash and it can close Mail on shutting down (which is a known problem in Lion and Mountain Lion…) :-0 !

  2. Hi,

    I use Scrivener – yes, it’s not free, but it is insanely good and amongst all its other goodies it offers a distraction-free fullscreen writing option. And I’m using it on an iBook G3 800mhz running Tiger, and it runs the latest version perfectly. It even ran it perfectly with only 380mg of ram!
    Yeah, I’m gushing, but I was deeply impressed that they’re continuing support for all of us who look at our (in my case ten years old) PPC Macs and cannot believe that anyone could think such a beautiful machine is obselete. So, I felt a plug was warranted.

    Cheers and love the site!

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