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Quick note about browsers

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6 comments on “Browser PowerPC

  1. Thank You!! My 12″ and 15″ G4’s are back on-line again with fully functioning email and web page access. Latest Safari and Firefox for Tiger OS just didn’t work any longer with most webpages. THIS IS GREAT – – I HIGHLY recommend

  2. I use TenFourFox for a few years, and it’s getting better with every update! It is the best browser on my iBook G4, even without Flash. I hope it will be available for many years to come, since I am not going to dump my iBook, not as long as it keeps on working.

  3. Gracias al equipo de TenfourFox por haber creado este navegador y mantener vivos los equipos PowerPC, seria bueno tambien que hagan un derivado de libreoffice en su version actual que sea compatible con powerpc

  4. TFF is ok, but i prefer the Webkit Update for Leopard. Even on a G5, TFF is not the fastest browser, on G3 or G4 it is a pain in the ass.

  5. Sweet that lots of us still appreciate the early goal and idea of Mac-ing. Everything past Tiger began to look so industrial and worked like a nanny always needing pass codes and answers to “Are you sure you want to…?”

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