Game(s) For Mac PowerPC II

Game(s) For Mac PowerPC II

It’s always fun have some games installed on your computer.  I know many people say that Mac users are not as into games as the average PC’er, but it turns out that they were wrong! Just check the App Store and see that most of the apps are games for iPodTouch/iPhone/iPad.  The funny thing about it is that the simple games are taking over, ex: AngryBirds, Smurfs Village, Where’s Waldo?, etc.

If you are looking to have some fun with your PowerPC, these guys decided to make a project that supports the old processors and have released a new game entitled Furiod.  We had a chance to check their previous game called Marball Odyssey, and I think the PowerPC showed them some support because now we’ve got another one for our own entertainment!

* Furiod – (1.6 Beta1) –

They’ve also left a message for us: “Is awaiting for your feedback dear PPC users!  Let me know if you’re able to hear music (intro/ingame/extro) and if it runs at a decent speed?  I’m only using an Emulator (PearPC for Dev and testing so… I don’t know really :)”

If your goal is finding more classic games, I will strongly recommend this web-site called –  They have an amazing number of discontinued games and software available for download that you should not miss out on!  Most of them work for old macs (look who’s saying old macs) but I mean Mac OS 8/ Mac OS 9 and the Mac OS X and later.  Just look around and I guarantee you that you will find great things on this site!!!u that you will find great things there.

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