Carbon Copy Cloner (3.4.4) Back up For Mac PowerPC

Carbon Copy Cloner (3.4.4)

Alright, too much protection is never enough, keep that in mind.  I think in a lifetime computer users lose a lot of information, documents, music, movies, photos etc.  You name it, and probably you’ve already experienced a loss of this data, over the years – I know the pain myself!!  Now external hard drives are  much cheaper!   Today I saw a 3TB for U$140 (insane space storage) at CostCo!  Anyways, if you try to be as safe as I do, you probably end up with 3 external HDs around your computer!  (1 keeps data / 2 backs up data / 3 backs up the back up data!!). Remember you can never have too much.  But let’s get to the point, if you have a Mac PowerPC you have to do the back up with your own “arms” because of the lack of apps. But if you are running Leopard, there is this great app called Time Machine and you are good to go.  However if you have Tiger running, you should check this CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner).   It will copy/clone your ENTIRE Hard Drive, and I mean every single block/file!!!!!  In case one day (knock on wood) your Hard Drive stops working, you will just have to copy over and all your files/folders will stay as they were before the damage was done.  This app actually is something that all Mac users should have , because it is can work wonders!  It supports:

*  Jaguar and Panther (CCC Version 2.3) – FREE

* Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard (CCC Version 3.3.7) – FREE

* Tiger Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion (CCC Version 3.4.4) – FREE

This app also helps you to do a back up on a regular basis, so make sure you clone your hard drive and then start using the back up by just choosing the target external hard drive!

I would like to say thank you for all the e-mail that I received and for the nice words.  It’s nice to know that we are still out there, even after Christmas time, because I noticed that the number of visits dropped lower than usual.  I think a few PowerPC users got Intel and they decided to join the dark side. Thank you guys!

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5 comments on “Carbon Copy Cloner (3.4.4) Back up For Mac PowerPC

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  2. Seems the last universal version of CCC that runs on both 10.4.11 and 10.5.8 ppc was the 3.4.x series, the newest being 3.4.7 (737) released about 2012-11-02 (Nov 2 2012). As with other old pcc software, you might as well set “Check for updates” to “Never” to avoid errors and/or uselessly downloading intel-only updates. As of 2014 I cannot find any thing older than the intel-only 3.5.7 (for 10.6) on bombich site. But it looks like you can download any old version(s) at

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