Play Games/Emulator on PowerPC

I would like to say thanks to our community on . You guys are awesome, we are sharing so many good news/informations/tips that I’m having a hard time to keep posting everything here.  So PowerPC users please Like our page and keep checking on us. I promise you that we will continue giving reasons to take out your PowerPC machine from the closet.

Now it’s time to play some games.

* Sixtyforce (0.95 beta) – the Nintendo 64 emulator – PowerPC friendly and works on 10.3 Panther/ 10.4 Tiger/ 10.5 Leopard. DOWNLOAD HERE

* Eat the Whistle GPL (3.6) – Football/Soccer simulator, PowerPC friendly and Morphos friendly – DOWNLOAD HERE

* World of Padman (WoP) (1.5.1) – PowerPC friendly – It’s a first person shooter video game. The idea is based on the Padman comic. DOWNLOAD HERE

* M.A.M.E – PowerPC friendly. Multiple Arcade (coin) Machine Emulator with up to 10.000 Games. DOWNLOAD HERE

Special thanks to Burdo.

5 comments on “Play Games/Emulator on PowerPC

    • I agree 100% w/ you that SNES on TV is way better. About PPC everyone has different points that it could be have fun, productivity, light browsing, streaming and list goes on… That’s right we Mac PowerPC try to be very flexible to bring everyone together here and share ideas and thoughts. You might use your PPC for productivity but today you could try to install an easy game for a coffee break or something… :D As long as you guys all enjoy it that is good for me.

  1. It’s been a while since I tried the N64 emulator. I remember it was nearly impossible years ago to actually find any games. The SNES emulator and the Genesis emulators for powerpc were the most stable in my opinion and roms were really easy to find.

  2. Please, check this compiled version of LibreOffice 4.3 (alfa) for PowerPC Mac! Great job:!topic/comp.sys.mac.apps/wmK1N-OIQnQ

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