Tooble Dowload Youtube Videos

Summer time is a very difficult time to blog for the MacPowerPC team because of our day jobs.  It’s our busiest time of year and admittedly it’s difficult to find the time to release quality posts.  I wanted to let everyone know that even during our hiatus, we have still been searching and saving material for later updates, on a regular basis.  Now that fall is settling in, we have time to get back on track for our weekly updates…and have we got a LOT to catch up on!

* Tooble 2.8 – (Free) – PowerPC Tiger/Leopard.  It’s an easy way to quickly download videos from YouTube, convert them and import to iTunes to watch on your iPod or AppleTV.

I’m sorry guys for the misunderstanding, the right version that is compatible with PowerPC is Tooble 2.7.9.  Download here:

I would like to thank you to Bjornels for sharing the link with us.  The version that he found also works on PowerPC –


6 comments on “Tooble Dowload Youtube Videos

  1. Unfortunately, «Tooble 2.8 – (Free) – PowerPC Tiger/Leopard» doesn’t fit on Tiger (10.4.11) PPC… Probably that an earlier version would work… but the link to the developer page, from MacUpdate, gives this message: «Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/content/35/4977135/html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 192»
    I’ll find it and will come back with a working version for us, Tiger PPC people…

  2. I own a PowerBook G4 and the version mentionned on the site is also not working on my PPC. On the other hand, the program runs well on my intell based Mac Mini. Perhaps a previous version will work under a PPC processor.

  3. So far, even version 2.7.8 is Tiger, maybe, but Intel…
    Let me know if you find a PPC version!
    But so far, also, the review I have read seems not encouraging… : MacTube could be a best guess: I use it often and I always find, fast, whatever i’m looking for, but Tooble doesn’t seem to find as much…

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