#Twitter Clients for PowerPC pt 1+1

All Mac PowerPC users are well aware that when it comes to Social Networking our applications are limited.  It’s hard to find something that might work well for Mac OS X Tiger.  In fact it’s virtually possible to find options for  the Mac OS X Leopard.  I actually still prefer use a good old fashioned Browser, when it comes to searching for these types of media.  But this post doesn’t end here, previously we mentioned some applications for Twitter and we got really great feedback from our readers and I wanted to share some  more options with you here.  the list starts with:

* Echofon 1.5.7 – Twitter Client (I didn’t find a safe web-site to download from, but as far as I can ascertain, this version might work on PowerPC 10.5 / Leopard.  If you find or have a safe .dmg file please share with us. http://mac.brothersoft.com/echofon.html / Echofon download here: http://www.milocker.com/pg/file/read/79630/echofon-for-leopard-powerpc Thanks @rjCalifornia

* YoruFukurou 1.65 PowerPC 10.5 / Leopard https://sites.google.com/site/yorufukurou/home-en Download here – http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/35286/yorufukurou

* TwitQwik 2.0.0 (Free) Fastest way to tweet. – http://mac.brothersoft.com/twitqwik.html

* Twit Menulet 8 (Demo $6.00) – PowerPC friendly 10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5 – http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/32331/twit-menulet – With this app it will allow you to check your tweets from a menu bar.  Never was it so easy to keep Twitter on and check as many times you want.  If anyone is running Panther, please let me know if it worked out for you!

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6 comments on “#Twitter Clients for PowerPC pt 1+1

  1. As of a couple of weeks ago, Twitter API 1.0 has been turned off. Since most (possibly all) PowerPC versions of Twitter apps have not been updated to API 1.1, none of them work any more leaving you to the less than speedy web clients.

    So, I would like to put a request out there to you PowerPC users. If you know of clients that support both API 1.1 and PowerPC, please post in the comments here.

    Alternatively, if you know of a Twitter client that is/was OPEN SOURCE and previously supported PowerPC for API 1.0, also post it here. I will experiment with the code in the hopes to update it to 1.1. No guarantees though, as my programming language experience is largely limited to web languages (PHP, ASP/VB, JS, etc) but if there are any other programmers out there willing to take on the challenge, you’ll probably do a better job than me.

  2. Right then. As Rodolfo rightly said, as of a few weeks ago, Twitter API 1.0 was turned off. API 1.1 and PowerPC support seem to be mutually exclusive as far as native apps go. So I would like to put this message out there to the author of the blog and to all users of PowerPC out there: If you know of a Twitter app that supports both PowerPC and API 1.1, please post it here. If you know of a PowerPC app that only supports 1.0, but is OPEN SOURCE, also post it here. I will look at the code (semi-blindly since I’m only really a web developer) and see if I can bring it back up to date, if only partially. Of course, if we have any proper developers out there looking for a challenge, please consider making a new Twitter app that supports PowerPC, or taking on an existing open source one.

  3. Oh come on. I posted one reply, it said “comment failed to post”. I refresh the page, still nothing. I had to re-write it, I post it, now they’re both here. Arg.

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