Boot your PowerPC from a USB for Mac PowerPC

Through my epic research, I found great information that I want to share with all of you.  Last year I unsuccessfully tried to find information on how to boot my iBook G4 from a USB.  If you have a PowerPC (most models) it won’t boot from a USB but I found a Ben Collins’ blog that teaches you how to do it, step by step.  Just follow the info in this link, and I know you will find the answer to your prayers!

* Boot from USB:

5 comments on “Boot your PowerPC from a USB for Mac PowerPC

  1. It’s really pretty easy: Hold down the Option key at startup and select the USB volume you wish to boot from, which must be plugged into a built-in USB port (drivers for a USB card don’t have a chance to load until the boot process is under way). Works for hard drives, flash drives, and optical drives. Have used this on lots of G3 Macs.

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