Web Browser Shiira for Mac PowerPC

During my morning research, I found a great browser called Shiira.  It’s a Japanese open source that was working out very well for PowerPC/Intel  users until recently.  Unfortunately, our Japanese PowerPC friend decided to discontinue this project in 2009 (after 5 years of life), which is too bad because Shiira had a lot of potential as a fast and simple browser, but seemed to also have a lot of bugs to work out.  The last version released was 2.3 and the developer’s site is not online anymore but if you would like to check this browser out, you can download from the link here:

* Shiira (2.3) https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/15032/shiira (Runs on Tiger or later.  You also can check this site: http://sourceforge.jp/projects/shiira/

If you take a minute to review some of the comments, you will notice that there are some disappointed people, but there is also a member who is using Shiira as his default browser on a PowerBook G4 running Tiger and he is pretty happy with the performance.  Well, the only way to find out what YOU think is to download it and do your own test drive.  Right now, the most important thing for me to find is ANY software that supports PowerPC!  This will make me, and all my readers, very happy!


13 comments on “Web Browser Shiira for Mac PowerPC

  1. Well, the browser itself is very fast. It’s more efficient than Aurora or TenFourFox, but the worst thing is non-workable preferences panel. Additionally, something like AdBlock would be nice to see there too.

    Such a waste that it’s not developed anymore…

  2. Shiira was nice, yep. Sad that it doesn’t get updates anymore. The same as for my favorit browser (Stainless).
    A still Universal Binary (so PPC-compatible) and recently updated browser is iCab… (www.icab.de) but it is shareware.

  3. I’m using iCab Mobile on iPad… in my opinion it is the best iOS browser. Opera is fast, but it is not possible to download files.
    The only problem with iCab on iOS is a huge memory leak. It very often crashes.

    iCab on PowerPC isn’t so powerful as Shiira or Camino, I guess Aurora and TenFourFox are still the best here.

  4. I’d say that the best browser right now is OmniWeb. It’s really fast, stable, got some AdBlock features and looks pretty nice. You surely should check this one, guys.

  5. Well, I used Camino a bit, but it kinda felt very slow. Of course it was faster than Aurora or TenFourFox, but still, OmniWeb runs better on my machine (1.25DP G4).
    I guess it really depends on your computer, RAM amount etc…

  6. Shirra seems to bee about the best browser for Powermac G5 DC.Still use Firefox but latley it’s been troublesome.The preferences in Shirra don’t seem to work but it is set to suite me fineI belive I have tried about all the browsers ava. for power pc..I don’t see any new browsers coming up soon for Power PC ,To bad it is still a great machine! I am not worried about security on a Power PC cause most viruses and other trojens are designed for windows.I had a nice Asus ,but couldn’t get hackintosh installed on it .I can’t stand Windows .Seems every time I start one up it has to load all the virus protection and and and wait for it….. Finaly but wait now it has to update.Pain in the arse.

  7. I haven’t tried SeaMonkey yet but will try it.I’ll try anything that keeps updating for Powerpc for a browser.lol

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