Update for Mac PowerPC

Apple Update for Mac PowerPC (iTunes/AirPort Utility)

Picture it:  The Orchard, 2012…what’s going on here?  I know with Sophia Petrillo it sounds more funny, but you can not blame me for trying!  Anyways, I’m just posting here to make sure all the Leopard users get the 2 updates that Apple just released.  The first  one is for AirPort Utility 5.6.1, which allows us to configure and mange the new Airport Express with simultaneous dual band 802.11n.  For iTunes 🙂 10.6.3: You can check more details here: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1426?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US   It seems this update brings compatibility with the new iOS6 and also it’s available for Leopard G4/G5.

I can not believe after all the years they finally released an update for Leopard (Intel only) a few weeks ago and now 2 updates for PowerPC!   This is a victory, don’t waste your time, go to  > Software Update and have some fun!

Apple:  Thank you for being our friend!

6 comments on “Update for Mac PowerPC

    • I figured that was the case. I would have done a ten minute victory dance if Apple had brought back Tiger from the grave for an iTunes update. They haven’t updated iTunes for Tiger since iTunes 9.2.1 back in July 2010.

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be a club of developers that would keep Leopard up to date? I am not sure how difficult that would be, but writing “open source” updates for Leopard would be a nice alternative to the lack of updates coming from Cupertino… Powerpc Java, Flash, safety updates, … It would make our powermac give at least another twenty years to keep on running… 😉

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