Twitter For Mac PowerPC

I just mentioned in the last post about tweeting your tunes and after that I really tried very hard to find an application to tweet from a Mac PowerPC running 10.4.11, but had absolutely no luck at all.  It seems that we don’t have any choices to do that function, but if you are tired accessing your twitter from your browser there are two other ways to do this.  They’re not fancy but they work great.

* Yoono Desktop – We already mentioned this application in our first post.

* Twidget – It’s very simple widget but works very well.  You can tweet from your dashboard in one blink, also you can retweet and check the latest updates from your timeline.


* Tweetie – Thanks to Roelant, he shared with us a great app that support PowerPC 10.5 (leopard).  the link it’s .  If you are tired using Safari to check your twitter account this is the best option that a PowerPC can have it.  I hope you guys enjoy and thanks again for the clue…

Twit My Tunes For Mac PowerPC

Gosh! This one was really hard to find.  I do enjoy tweeting what I’m listening to.  I think it is a pretty common practice, though some people don’t understand why, (probably those who have not yet discovered Twitter!)  Twitter really changes everything, of all these Social Networks that we have available today, I have to tell you that Twitter is the most exciting and cool.  I remember a long time ago my friends and I used to hang out every night and share the news about what happened during the day, what we listened to, what we watched, etc.  Now we grow up and it’s impossible to hang out all the time, so Twitter is the perfect fit!  There are so many web-sites to share pictures with your followers that I shouldn’t even mention, but definitely TwitPic is one of the most popular.  I used to like Plixid, but now they changed the name to Lockz…  but I digress…back to our original topic:

* TwitTunes (available at macupdate) is the only one that I found that runs on PowerPC 10.4.11 (Tiger) so no complaints at all.  Install this and start tweeting your iTunes tunes.  Keep your followers up to date about what you are eating, listening and watching…

RSS / Atom News Reader Client For Mac PowerPC

Some people prefer to follow news very closely and these days news runs so fast and in so many web-sites/blogs that it is almost impossible to check for each site to be updated.  So to make our life easier there are options out there to keep us updated and better organized.  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and once you add the link in your favourites,  sooner or later you will have time to catch up.  Usually all the options are very similar with e-mail clients and if you use Mail 4.5 from Apple you don’t need to worry about installing anything extra because this version of Mail is able to read RSS but it is only for Intel Mac OS 10.6.  If you are like me, and also have a PowerPC machine, running OS X 10.4 your Mail won’t be able to be read.  After spending a few hours researching my options, I found a couple of free applications for Mac PowerPC running Tiger and also a couple of applications for Mac PowerPC running Leopard.  Take a look…

* NetNewsWire – It’s a great application with many features, easy to use and a very nice interface.  Runs easily on PowerPC Tiger.  It also has support for iPad + iPhone. Don’t miss any updates and download this powerful app. 

* Vienna – It’s my second choice, but not second place for Mac PowerPC Tiger users. It’s an Open Source and also supports 10.3 users.  It’s has a typical Mac interface, it’s easy to use and very organized.  Take a close look because this option probably will fit your computer very well.  

* Times – (Shareware $30.00)  It’s a whole new way to treat your news. Usually you add the link on your RSS reader client and that’s it.  Times shows you all the latest news as headlines and you choose what you want to subscribe to and you can separate your favourites.  If you run 10.5 on your PowerPC this application will bring you to a different site to be updated. 

*  Gruml –  Compatible with PowerPC 10.5 or later.  This application works together with your subscriptions on Google reader and is very similar to Mail from Apple.  Easy to use and very fast. 

I hope you guys enjoy the post, if you like you can subscribe or just leave me a comment or feedback.  I will try to find more available apps for PowerPC. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us!  We are a small but steady group of Mac supporters…and I’d like to keep options coming our way!

Archiver / Unarchiver For Mac PowerPC

It’s always good to have a good software to archive or unarchive your files.  It could be just to save space on your hard-drive or just to better organize things that you don’t use often.  If you download more often you are probably going to need an easy use application to open/unarchive the files.  The good news is that for PPC it’s not hard to find great options and here are some:

* Stufflt Expander – One of the best, works with PPC 10.5 or later.  Easy to use and it can expand over 30 different formats.  The Stufflt 12.0.2 works with PPC 10.4.

* The Unarchiver – It’s another app that does the job really good.  Very easy to use and runs on PPC 10.4 or later.

* Keka – It’s a very simple app, but runs on PPC 10.4 or later.  It’s a good call. 

* TarPit – It’s a Free software to archive files and unarchive.  Runs on PPC 10.3 or later.  It’s very easy drag and drop. 

* BetterZip – One more option for PPC 10.4 or later. No complaints so far, all these apps do the job pretty well. 

* 7zX – PPC user, this is a great app to archive your file or unarchive.  It’s free and it’s simple and fast. Runs on PPC 10.3 or later. 

* sArchiver –  (ShareWare $19.99) File archiving and extraction, supported formats: RAR, Zip, 7z, DMG Images, LHA, ARJ, Bzip2, Tar, tar.gz, PPC 10.5 –


If you have better options share with us, leave a comment telling us what do you think about these applications.  Thanks

Client BitTorrent For Mac PowerPC

Task of the day: To find a good client bit-torrent for Mac PowerPC.  In the beginning I couldn’t easily find any good applications, but as the research kept going, more options keep popping up, and where I thought I’d have no options, I found a few…

These days there are so many ways to download, but having a torrent client installed is one of the best ways to ensure you get what you want, when you want it.

* Bits on Wheels – This app is very simple and easy to use.  It’s native Mac torrent client.  Runs on PPC 10.3 or later.

* FrostWire – It’s an Open Source and it’s very fast to download.  Runs on PPC 10.5 or later.

* Tomato Torrent – It’s easy to use and very clean interface, one of the best options to download torrents.  Also supports 10.2 / 10.3 / 10.4 or later that’s really helpful.

* Vuze – The best Torrent Client for a PPC 10.4, it’s easy to set-up and start using, simple, fast and dynamic.  The interface is very clean and organized. 

After I wrote this post I found out another great application to make sure your torrents will be downloaded.  Xtorrent – It’s an easy to use torrent downloader.  It kind of reminds me of  iTunes.

I hope you guys enjoy the post, if you like you can subscribe or just leave me a comment or feedback.  I will try to find more available apps for PowerPC. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us!  We are a small but steady group of Mac supporters…and I’d like to keep options coming our way!

*Transmission – One of the most famous app to download torrent and thanks to Andre who shared the link with us.  Now who have PowerPC inside will be able to use this great app.  Run in Panther / Tiger / Leopard.