Twit My Tunes For Mac PowerPC

Gosh! This one was really hard to find.  I do enjoy tweeting what I’m listening to.  I think it is a pretty common practice, though some people don’t understand why, (probably those who have not yet discovered Twitter!)  Twitter really changes everything, of all these Social Networks that we have available today, I have to tell you that Twitter is the most exciting and cool.  I remember a long time ago my friends and I used to hang out every night and share the news about what happened during the day, what we listened to, what we watched, etc.  Now we grow up and it’s impossible to hang out all the time, so Twitter is the perfect fit!  There are so many web-sites to share pictures with your followers that I shouldn’t even mention, but definitely TwitPic is one of the most popular.  I used to like Plixid, but now they changed the name to Lockz…  but I digress…back to our original topic:

* TwitTunes (available at macupdate) is the only one that I found that runs on PowerPC 10.4.11 (Tiger) so no complaints at all.  Install this and start tweeting your iTunes tunes.  Keep your followers up to date about what you are eating, listening and watching…

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