Player For Mac PowerPC (movie version)

Alright! Yesterday I mentioned some software that help you to play music on your mac, some of them play movies aswell.  VLC it’s a full function app and if you have already installed it,  you know what I’m talking about.  But if you like to have options, I recommend that you follow a few apps that will help you to watch your favourite movie / tv shows. You won’t have problems with codecs anymore.

* Movist – Media player with high quality and simple user interface. It’s light app to run.  Probably “today” this is the best choice to play your movies

* MPlayer OSX Extended – It’s a powerful software to play your movies, for sure you will be impressed with the quality of this player.

* XBMC – It’s not a popular player, but it does have support for PowerPC and this is a great opportunity to keep this app in your PowerPC computer.

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5 comments on “Player For Mac PowerPC (movie version)

    • Hey André, I can not turn on my iBook anymore, I’m not sure wich version I was using, but after a fast check online I think the Movist 1.0.3 is intel only, so if I were you I would try v0.6.8, it looks like is compatible with PowerPC 10.4.

  1. Your ibook suffered form logicboard problems?(mainly graphic card?)
    If so you can try some DIY tips (heating the logic board in oven or with hair dryer) can make it work for a little more time..

  2. Real Player is also available for PowerPC, G4 and G5 OS X 10.4.
    Play and download video.
    Convert and copy.
    Video sharing Facebook etc.
    iTunes compatible.
    May be worth a look.

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