Blast from the Past Mac PowerPC :)

We decided to make a short post just to bring back some of our most visited posts ever. Some of them are outdated already but the idea of this post is to show you our most “clicked” posts.  Thank you guys for your ongoing support of Mac PowerPC!

Top 10 post:

Client Bit Torrent for Mac PowerPC –

Video Plugin Flash Facebook PowerPC –

Browser for Mac PowerPC –

Office Suite for Mac PowerPC –

Anti-Virus for Mac PowerPC –

Carbon Copy Cloner, Back Up for Mac PowerPC –

CD/DVD Burn for Mac PowerPC –

Twitter for Mac PowerPC –

DropBox for Mac PowerPC –

TeamViewer for Mac PowerPC –

11- (It was very close) Word Processor / Text Editor for Mac PowerPC –

Just a reminder:  Some of these applications I chose because I was running 10.4 / Tiger.  After I installed 10.5 / Leopard I had many more options and now most of them have better updates, since the time that I originally made the post.

Top 10 Search:

PowerPC Mac

Chrome PowerPC

Mac PowerPC

Chrome PPC

Chrome for PowerPC

PowerPC Applications


Google Chrome PowerPC

PowerPC for Mac

PowerPC Games


Top 10 Links: