Let it Be PowerPC

I’ve been trying to update “Recommendations” because more and more good web-sites/blogs keep coming out with good information about PowerPC, some of them decided to share information about Linux as well as Mac OS X.  You will find the following links on Recommendation page.

* Pure Mac – All Software You Really Need – http://www.pure-mac.com/

* Retro Mac Cast – They Are Not Old, They Are Retro – http://retromaccast.ning.com/

* Macinstosh/Linux – Mac OS X & Linux Tutorial – http://macintoshlinux.blogspot.com

* Mac Old School – Space devoted to Apple’s old school PowerPC Macs – http://macoldschool.blogspot.com/

* PowerPC Archive – http://thepowerpcarchive.com

* Abandon Application/ Operation System (Mac) – http://winworldpc.com/library_m2.shtml

* ViVa PowerPC – http://vivapowerpc.tk

* MacPast – http://macpast.wordpress.com

* PowerPCAccess – http://powerpcaccess.blogspot.com

* Mad Macs of Oregon – Indie Apple Specialist (Repair, Resell, Recycle) – http://madmacsoforegon.com

* Abandon Application for MacPPC – http://sdfox7.com/macppc/

* Abandon Operation System Macintosh – http://wdl1.winworldpc.com/Abandonware%20Operating%20Systems/Macintosh/

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3 comments on “Let it Be PowerPC

  1. Good Apps,but its always the same with apple :pay,pay and pay I think the ibook G4 ppc osx has enough quality to deserve one last update for adobe flash player!
      Apple simply shut down four years ago ,ibook deserves better than this !

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