Notefile for Mac PowerPC

Notefile 1.0

It makes quick notes and view them quickly  –


5 comments on “Notefile for Mac PowerPC

  1. I would so like to find a clean new copy of Safari to install on my PowerPC running Leopard.
    I might have to do a clean install or “archive and install” since it’s part of the system.

    I’m typing this to you in the mail program because I cannot fill out your comments area….I type a letter and
    it doesn’t register. (I think part of that problem in my ISP….Comcast)….I have to copy and paste this message to you.

  2. It’s wonderful how easy it is to use Notefile on Mac PowerPC. The display of notes on the window makes it easy and fun to work on the notes, where you can even sync them when need be.

    The shortcuts enables you to quickly access notes from different apps. As well, the general keyboard shortcuts are equally amazing. With Notefile for Mac PowerPC, notes keeping can never be more convenient!

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