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Recently our friends from PowerPC Liberation – – celebrated a birthday.  Like me, these guys tirelessly work to ensure our beloved PowerPCs stay relevant.  We wish them all the best and many more years of PowerPC related blogging to come.  Some of their focus has been to keep Mac OS X running for applications that do not require internet, for internet material they are 100% Linux for security reason.  Keep your eyes on PowerPC Liberation because they continue to provide good information about how to transit from Mac to Linux and all the Linux related applications that you just can’t live without!

* Tech Laggard – – I really like this video, its totally worth watching.

* The Mother Ship – – Awesome Web-Site with great information about Macintosh and Lisa.  The Galleries are great and don’t forget to visit once you click the link, which displays historic flyers, ads, brochures, etc. The information spans from 1976 to 2002…it’s fascinating!  Mac Mother Ship has done a beautiful layout on their web site. Way to Go!

* Elvira Sweeney’s Old Mac Love – – Why not browse some random information to see what people think about the G4.

* OldVersion – – Because newer is not always better.  And that is what this web site is all about.

* Humanize Technology – They do have good material related to Technology and some PowerPC material.

* HappyMacs – Quadras, Cubes and G5s – Awesome blog also working with Pre-Intel Macs material.  I just found it because they made some good comments on our material and we always welcome new blogs to our group.

* GamesWidgets – – Yes they do deserve a space here, this blog is awesome, I always find good games to run on DashBoard.

New Blogs for PowerPC

I found a good source for PowerPC information today and am pleased to provide you with 2 more web-sites that have my “seal of approval!” – This site seems to have just opened and I like the idea of sharing experiences and how to use a Mac OS X with a PowerPC processor in the year 2012.  It’s basically almost the same idea as Mac PowerPC…both give functional tips on how to get the most out of Mac OS X system with your PowerPC.  This blog is a good source of information about the PowerPC.  It’s very technologically informative and the writer is very clear to point out that he is focusing on sharing tips and info about operating systems for PowerPC, including Linux as well as Mac OS X.  He also provides great tips on how to continue updating the Apple OS.  If you are looking to get the most out of your PowerPC (Linux/Mac OS X) this is a good place to start!  Highly recommend saving this one in your favourites!!

It’s really good to see that PowerPC users have started producing and sharing more tips and experiences.  In this post, you have now found 2 blogs that help bring the breath of life to your PowerPC.  One focuses on the Mac OS X system and the other in Linux + Mac OS X….the choice is yours!

Keep PowerPCing guys.

P.S.: PowerPCMacintoshLiberationArmy -

*RJCalifornia PowerPC Macs got one more blog to help us sharing information and experience of running Mac OS X.  This blog just started posting about PowerPC and already have great material.  I also liked the idea of posting in Spanish and English because that would help a lot of readers that use google translator.  Thanks RJCalifornia keep up the good work!

Blogs/Sites for Mac PowerPC

Blogs/Sites for Mac PowerPC

In this post I wanted to share blogs/sites that I check often for news & information with my PowerPC fans.  There are a good number of people out there that are on the same page as us and they support our goal of keeping our processors running for as long as as they can;

*LowEndMac – – It’s a really good place for resource, software, news, articles, etc.  They are online since 1997 and I recommend clicking here!.

*TigerOSX Tiger is Here – – This is like my “sister site / brother blog” and I visit it almost every day.  Recently, the blogger took a vacation but he is alive and posting!  His post about  AppleWorks6 is really good material/tutorial!   I would say this blog is a must not just for Tiger but for all PowerPC users.  Leopard users should watch out…because the Tiger is HERE!

*OldApps – – They support old apps of the 3 main OS, Mac, Linux and Doors oops sorry I mean Windows.  If you are still running an old computer you must check this site… you will find great apps available.

*PowerPC Software Archive – – For PowerPC users this is a great site that supports G3/G4/G5 (you can not go wrong), it’s all organized in tabs (Internet / video & audio/ text & document/ utilities, etc.)  Some of the apps have an option of Mirror downloading or a link to the Official web site.  They already have a good resource of apps/software, and a visit is a must.  Their own words: “We have made our best attempt to deliver the last PowerPC versions of various Macintosh software, so that you may continue to extend the life of your computers.“

*PPC LUDDITE – – They always supply great information, options, sources for PowerPC machines.  It’s the perfect blog to check on a regular basis and you will always find great material.  “Living PowerPC in the age of Intel”.

*Macintosh Garden – – It’s a place for  abandonware!  Here we can find games/apps/software/emulators/etc.  Even software for OS 9 and above.  Browse around and I’m sure you’ll download a few things.

*My Mac Collection – –  Also a “sister site / brother blog” that just started and already has great material available online, giving you great selections of software and tips on how to optimize your macintosh.

*F.A.Q for PowerPC Macs –

*And the Museum sites, I don’t know about you but I love to check old computers:


* (this is a nice site, but looks like it’s offline, I will try again later)

Alright!  Post done!   I hope you guys like it because with these sites/blogs online, your Mac won’t be out of date!  WE won’t let your Mac be dust in the wind!

Please, if you have any favorite web-site/blog share with us on comments: