Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

This afternoon when I was researching PowerPC compatible apps, I read a post about an update to Leopard on the site 9To5Mac that includes a flashback removal tool that Apple just released.  I honestly thought that by using my PowerPC, I would be safe from  viruses and trojans that surround the internet world.  Maybe we Mac users are not 100% safe, but I still don’t think we are the main focus of people trying to attack our computers.  Anyways, I digress:  download this update from the attached link: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/42931/leopard-security-update-2012-003I was checking the comments and it seems that the PPC users are having some problems installing it.  Feedback is that it could be a mistake and the update may be for Intel only.  Anyways it’s worth a look…