Golly (Game of Life) for Mac PowerPC

I get it, you have a Mac PowerPC and have some free time on weekends and you want to install some RPG games just for casual play, but nothing that would take too much of your time.  Go Golly!  Golly is a game of life simulator currently under development, for the Mac PowerPC.

Do you like math?  Do you like puzzles?  If you answer yes, go ahead and download the Game of Life Golly.  The Game of Life is also known as cellular automation and was developed in the 70’s.   It’s likely a really fun game for mathematicians or those who understand complex mathematical situations.  Go ahead take a look at Conway’s Game of Life and other cellular automation and let me know how you spent your week.  Golly is an open souce cross-platform application.

* Golly 2.4 (10.4 Tiger / 10.5 Leopard) (Free) PowerPC – http://golly.sourceforge.net/