Sparrow e-Mail Client for PowerPC

If you guys follow MacPowerPC’s Facebook Page you probably are already aware that we are on vacation at the moment.  This means that I had to leave my good buddy (my iMac G5) at home because I can’t take such a large machine overseas….  Can you picture someone at the airport taking an iMac G4 out of their carry on?   LOL!  Anyways, even while we’re away, I’m still trying to update our blog and found (on twitter) that someone installed Sparrow on a Mac PowerPC running 10.5/Leopard.  I took a closer look and found that version 1.5 might work for us!  I’m very glad to share this information with our readers and if you guys want to do the test and share the results with us, your comments will be most appreciated.

Sparrow 1.5 $9.99 – PowerPC 10.5 (Leopard) – 

This is a very powerful e-mail client and very minimalist as far as I can see.  It’s easy to organize more than one e-mail account and has great support. Imap or Pop, it’s up to you.  Also compatible with e-mail accounts like Yahoo + Hotmail that is very hard to sync these accounts.  I think is a double plus.

Recently I took a look at the app’s website and there is a notice that Google bought this amazing app, so let’s hope they keep up the work or even make it better, but I’m not sure they will release something for PowerPC…  anyways here is the link:

You guys know the drill very well, but make sure before you purchase any PowerPC app, contact the developers and make sure they will provide the right license for PowerPC architecture.  🙂

P.S.: Our reader Xenosage once mentioned that he had some issues to install an old version of Sparrow but just now I had a chance to find some sites that support the old version.

PostBox Express/Premium Mail Client for Mac PowerPC

PostBox Express/Premium Mail Client for Mac Powerpc

Ok here is the thing, a long time ago I was searching for a good mail client for my Mac PowerPC, but all my research could turn up was Thunderbird and Mail being my best option!  Everybody knows that Thunderbird dropped the support for Mac PowerPC and right now they are operating at version 12.0.1 leaving us behind at 3.1.20.  But well, what to do, this is life and we’ve known the feeling for a long time now, so it’s time to move on with the available options!

Recently the project TenFourFox decided to release TenFourBird 10.0.4 which is the equivalent to the newest version of Thunderbird and runs on Mac G3/G4/G5.  This news made the majority of the PowerPC users really happy because we finally would be able to have a good mail client.  Anyways, a few weeks ago it happened that I found this app called PostBox Express 1.0.1 that runs on PowerPC 10.4/10.5.  It’s an amazing app: simple and powerful, and works with most e-mail accounts including even “Hotmail” accounts.  It’s too bad that the pay version 3.0.3 is for intel only, otherwise it would be perfect because it has more features than the express version.  I need to point out that the free version is based on the same platform as the premium version, but clearly with less features, making it a good option for home users.  We can not run 3.0.3 but Leopard users running 10.5 I have good news, you will be able to install the Premium/First Class 2.1.5 (trial version – 30 days).  I don’t know how much it will cost to get this version but if you try and would like to share information with the rest of us in the comments section, we’d much appreciate it!

*PostBox Express 1.0.1 (Free) –

*PostBox Premium/First Class 2.1.5 (Demo) – 

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