MacJanitor – PowerPC

Today I would like to bring to our attention, PowerPC users, this little and very powerful application called MacJanitor.  It’s very good app to help maintain and keep your Mac clean.


TeamViewer for Mac PowerPC

Want to Stream your entire computer?

I will get straight to the point because I’m about to watch Whoopi Goldberg in concert in about 2 hours and I need to post something to catch up a little bit.  I want to introduce all of you to a PowerPC friendly application called TeamViewer.  This is a really cool application and works for both Mac and PC, and what it does is establish remote connections with other Macs or PCs.  You just need to create an ID + Password (of course) and you can access your machine from any other machine.  All the contents and everything will be mirrored/streamed so you have total access and you are not limited by any internet sharing…and to be clear:  This works from anywhere in the world!  TeamViewer is also great for those that have sisters that are not very computer savvy and need help  ALL THE TIME!   So once you install the program, you can see what is happening and fix it from anywhere in the world!

TeamViewer 7.0.11359 (unbelievable Free) PowerPC friendly 10.4 Tiger / 10.5 Leopard –

Teleport (share your mouse + keyboard) for Mac PowerPC

Teleport (share your mouse + keyboard) for Mac PowerPC;

Alright it’s Monday morning and today is my day off!  What a perfect day to post some good news for those people that have 2 or more Mac Computers running side by side.  I’ve got a plugins for you that is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel.

A few days ago I asked my followers on Twitter/Facebook if by any chance we have any Mac PowerPC users that have more than one Mac, resulting in quite a few admissions!  You also can take a look here:

I was curious because I found this amazing and I will say it one more time “AMAZING” software to share with all of you!  This plugin is called Teleport and it will allow you to control 2 or more computers with only one mouse and keyboard.  I don’t know if you guys have already found out a way to do that, but sometime back I was researching about this function, and found that it was kind of expensive to get software that would allow you to share a keyboard and mouse between 2 computers.  So when I found this, I probably jumped for at least 5 minutes!  It’s really cool the way it works, it’s like magic!  Don’t waste any time and go to the links below and choose the one that best fits you and let’s us know how it worked out for your Mac setup.

*Teleport 1.0.1 – PowerPC

*Teleport 1.0.2 – Snow Leopard / Leopard  (in case you have an  Intel)

*Teleport 1.1.1 – Lion / Snow Leopard (in case you have an Intel)


This plugin is fully compatible with Mac PowerPC and Mac Intel.  Note: you will have to download 1.0.1 for PowerPC and 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 for Intel and both will work just fine!