FinderPop for MacPowerPC

FinderPop 2.5.7

Right in the middle of 2018, I’m doing my standard search for PowerPC apps and found FinderPop which has brought a whole new life to my “pretty” and “powerful” 15 year old Mac computer.

FinderPop is a simple, yet powerful and intricate app.  It will keep everything you need one-click away, for quick and easy access.  It’s great for shortcuts and it will help you organize your app like never before.

I’m also pleased to report that it runs on an Intel Mac and our good old friend, Tiger 10.4

Needless to say –  it’s Free, so don’t waste your time,  click on the link below and install it right away.  Just make sure to share your find on your favourite social media page, and don’t forget to tag the app and your favourite blog 😀

For more details, please watch the following video, posted by the developers >

Download FinderPop here for free >

3 comments on “FinderPop for MacPowerPC

  1. Hello, I have an Ibook G4 (working perfectly) and I hope you can help me with a couple of problems that I have been unable to solve.

    1.- Mail and Thunderbird receive email but they do not send it
    2.- Is there any way to use an external microphone?

    Thank you so much

    • Hello,

      Mail isn’t working with most of e-mail accounts due a security reason, if you have a gmail account you need to go in settings and disable one of secure features they provide to be able to set up. Thunderbird I’m not sure because I don’t use the program.
      To use the microphone it should be easy, you connect by USB and “system preferences” > “sound” > “input” > you should be able to set up over there.

      Thank you

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