2018 iBook G4 Still ON

Well, it’s definitely awhile since we posted here in this blog.  Now we are wondering if our MacPowerPC community still using their PPC computer out there.

I took my iBook G4 and give it a try and for my surprise still turning on.  I know we are so 2000Late but it’s a beautiful machine and as much as it struggle to do some tasks it’s hard working machine.

Next I will try to catch up where I stopped and see what I still can find out there for our PPC machines.  I had so many I would like to share but I got into a really busy years 2016/2017 that I couldn’t focus in doing anything else.  I missed going to my Heavy Metal concerts and posting here and now it’s time to put some music on and dig deep for those lost apps that it will make the different (If you still using PPC).

2018 PPC still on.





16 comments on “2018 iBook G4 Still ON

  1. My old iMac G4 with iSub attached is still on the closet – it serves as a game machine – iTunes client and a fancy machine to pass some time on. Warcraft 3 is still a favorite game that wel play on 3 powerbooks. PowerPC still rocks.

  2. Good to have you back!

    I’m using 3-4 PPC PowerBooks, a Cube (as a fileserver) and a MDD PowerMac every day still (my needs are pretty low). I like the 10.5 environment more so than later versions…

  3. I still have and use a large array of PowerPC machines including a G4 QS, G4 iBook (both 12 and 14-inch), a 1.67 GHz G4 PowerBook, G5 PowerMac, and even an old PowerBook 1400CS with a G3 CPU upgrade card in it.

  4. iBook clamshell 1st model still working from 1999! I gave him a second life running ubuntu 16.04 without GUI, upgrading HD and maxing RAM. I will try GUI LXDE, that is available ore PPC. Pity the ISO for Lubuntu is larger then CD, so I install server one.

  5. still using my ppc g4 laptop but not on internet. It’s does a lot of household chores plus hoyle card games. Never a stumble. I also use it as a little streamer coupled with a external hardrive for watching videos on my smart tv which still isn’t as smart as my reliable little white laptop.

  6. I am still using an iMac G4 700 (15″) in my bedroon to listen music every day, and a few days ago I bought a complete G4 400 with the original keyboard and mouse and a 17″ CRT Studio Display (ADC connection) to use with OS 9.

  7. J’utilise toujours mon iMac Tournsol G4 20 pouces… une oeuvre d’art affichée en diaporama. Mais je ne l’utilise plus pour la musique, étant passé sous SONOS.
    Mon rêve… regarder Netflix dessus.

  8. Hey, good to hear from you again. I’m still using two iBook G4, 1.2GHz, 1.25GB RAM, OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) with Microsoft Office 2008, Adobe Reader and TenFourFox in my classroom. They do a great job with documents, presentations, spreadsheets, basic internet browsing like Wikipedia, Google search, even to locate some videos in Youtube (I download the video with a plugin –Youtube Downloader— and play it in QuickTime or VLC at 360p, that is enough for a 12″ display). We use iCal and Mail to be organized and in touch, Calibre for Literature reading and iTunes, iPhoto for amussement. Well, you know, when all you have in a classroom are some Pentium 4 old PC’s with WinXP on them, these PPC iBooks are rock solid against them, and I must say TenFourFox is amazing. I’m actually posting from one of these iBook G4’s. Regards.

  9. I have an iMac G5, iMac G3, and an iMac G4 all still working great. I especially love the design if the iMac G4 and the high refresh rate of the iMac G3’s CRT

  10. Welcome back and yes i’m running an PowerBook G4 late 2005 as my daily multimedia-machine using VOX, Cog and VLC and sometimes CorePlayer

  11. I just powered on two PowerPC computers to get some work done last night. I left my MacBook at work by accident and since it’s an hour commute it was the only thing I had at home–a Powerbook G4 (1.67mhz) and Powermac G5 (dual 2ghz ). Been probably almost a year since I last turned them on but they booted up fine and although slower than what I am use to I was able to finish everything I needed to do. I downloaded the most recent version of TenFourFox too and got to work as the machines chugged away. I still love these computers.

  12. Sure I am. Installing my iLife software as we speak. It is not a G5 though, it is the last model (17″) of the iMac G4. After this, it is Adobe CS2.

    But in the collection, is a 7300 upgraded with a G4 daughter card, a G4 AGP, a G4 MDD, and this iMac.

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