FFS – Free Focused Scroll

Looking for a scroll feature to you iBook/PowerBook.

* PowerPC Friendly (Panther/Tiger/Leopard) FFS 0.7 – http://ffs.sourceforge.net


This app is Awesome!



7 comments on “FFS – Free Focused Scroll

  1. I get this message on a Powerbook G4 ,1,67Ghz

    Picture 1
    FFScroll 0.7 cannot be installed on this computer
    Your machine does not seem to have a compatible trackpad or is using an alternative driver already

  2. It is installed on my PowerBook G4 1,33 Ghz, but the primary mouse button only does an alternative click.

    PowerBook G4 already has a Two finger scroll function.

  3. hello marc,

    can it be that you server is down today?

    i get strange message ilke LOST.

    btw, this program did not function for me on Tiger.

    thank you again,

    yours sincerely,


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