Dropbox Dropping Suport for PowerPC

I didn’t receive a good news right in the beginning of 2015 to PowerPC community.  Recently I found out that the great application/cloud storage Dropbox is dropping the support for PowerPC machines.  This will leave us behind for good, not being able to sync devices with PowerPC computers will drop us down.

I really hope Dropbox will reconsider the decision and I believe many users of dropbox are PowerPC users due other computers/devices has their own cloud applications.

I want to point out the people from VivaPowerPC wrote a letter to Dropbox team and let’s hope they will supporting us.

We can always use the social media to let @dropbox know we are using the app.

Open letter from VivaPowerPC: http://vivapowerpc.blogspot.cz/2015/01/an-open-letter-to-dropbox-team.html

Forum Dropbox: https://www.dropboxforum.com/hc/communities/public/questions/202000475-Dropping-Mac-Tiger-and-Leopard-Support-Rethink-This-Please-?locale=en-us

We are really on the edge but to use a PowerPC it’s a matter of option at this point.

5 comments on “Dropbox Dropping Suport for PowerPC

  1. I did write to them and they did reply. They don’t seem too bothered even though there is a healthy PowerPC community out there.

  2. This makes me very sad, I don’t think I can use my powermac g5 after support ends since I use it only for studying and thus syncing maps with other students.

    Thanks for keeping the blog going, you’re my hero man!

  3. I haven’t used DropBox in ages. Outlook.com has OneDrive cloud storage that is free when you open a Microsoft account. It’s 25 GB of storage and you can share files with anyone, even those who don’t have an Outlook/MSN account.

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