Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac

Once I started using Mac I never actually had any issues finding and adapting to new applications.  I turned my back to windows and never retreat it.  But some of you might want to use some windows program and this application will help you.

* WineBottler 1.2.5 (stable) –  Tiger / Leopard.

11 comments on “Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac

    • It only works on tiger. Not Leopard. Not Panther. If you really need to run Windows apps on PPC, try the Q app (doesn’t work on g5 systems), VPC, or iEmulator. You could also try running Windows 95-ME in DOSBox, but then again who uses Windows 95 these days.

  1. By the way: some Win-apps can be found in Java-versions (e.g. Hot Potatoes). These versions work fine on PPC, even very very fast.

  2. hey, have you heard of stainless? it’s a cool and light browser. i’ve just downloaded and it works fine. it’s based on chrome

    • It’s a nice browser but I believe they dropped support for it back last year. It will no longer receive updates and can become vulnerable the longer it goes without updates. Use at your own risk.

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