AirPlay for Mac PowerPC


* Airplay – 0.28 – Free.  Transform your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display.  10.5 Leopard.   Download Here

P.S.:  I still testing this application, it does the installation and it runs, but I can not put to work.  Let’s share any informations if you guys find out how to make it work.


Thanks  😀

7 comments on “AirPlay for Mac PowerPC

  1. Have you tried AirServer? There is an older version 3.1.2 that works well on PowerPC:

    And I don’t know if this is a bug or the author is being generous to us PowerPC users, but it seems that any email address will unlock the trial into full functionality.

  2. Unfortunately AirServer 3.1.2 doesn’t appear to be properly compiled for PPC (the installer won’t run and the app that is included has only intel code even though the libraries have ppc code). I’ve e-mailed the developer.

    As for AirPlay, can you give me something I should be able to see it from? I see the Bonjour announcement in Bonjour Browser but can’t see it on an iPhone 5s running iOS7. If I knew a client config that should work, it would make figuring things out easier. Thanks.

    • I did and it had the problem, but I found out what it actually was. Turns out the actual PPC executable was in the Contents directory, not the Contents/MacOS directory. he only executable in the MacOS directory was Intel only. Unfortunately, I think moving the PPC executable didn’t work because the load paths in the executable were specified in a relative manner which was then incorrect. I toyed with a number of solutions like sym-linking or even hard-linking things, but that didn’t work; I think I ended up fixing the binary executable by using lipo, although I can’t remember the specific details at the moment.

  3. That ‘s for the old iMac Power PC ? specifically a 17-inch iMac G5 many models of these machines came with your monitor defects began to appear and vertical lines are increasing to not clearly see what shows the monitor, these options are great especially the double the monitor via inalambraca a smart tV via wifi . there any way to do it?

  4. Unfortunately, AirServer 3.1.2 only supports AppleTV 2; you really need AppleTV 3 or more for most modern i-devices (modern=anything newer than, say iOS 4 or something around then).

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