Top 3 Browsers + PowerPC

Firefox PowerPC 6 is a web browser optimized for PowerPC Macs, has been created from Firefox 5 official sources

The project is aimed to port Firefox 5 to glorious Power Macintosh machines.

Firefox PowerPC 6 has been customized and compiled on a G4 PowerBook with Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8.

* Firefox PowerPC 6.0.2 – Leopard 10.5.+ PowerPC –

Sharing here what we do have available because someone might think is very interesting, but I still recommend TenFourFox, SeaMonkey and Leopard WebKit.

* TenFourFox –

* SeaMonkey 2.25 –

* Leopard Webkit –

4 comments on “Top 3 Browsers + PowerPC

  1. While I appreciate that you want to make some $$ off your site, presenting a link to a site in text and then having that link actually point to an Adfly link is not cool, man. You’re better off putting banner ads on the side column. I’d turn off Adblocker for that, but not for Adfly.

  2. Hey, how old is that PowerPC Firefox 6 ? If its based off Firefox 5 as the website says (I donna speaka Italian-o) then its donkeys years old in browser years, and has no business being installed on any PPC machine in 2014, especially when we still have tenfourfox, which is firefox, with IMPROVEMENTS for PowerPC. I’d remove that link for the health and safety of your readers.

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