DeTunes: Tool for Your iPod/iPhone/iPad

A powerful, easy to use tool to browse the contents of your iPod/iPhone/iPad from your Mac.

* DeTunes 1.0.8 – Free – – PowerPC friendly.  Works on 10.5/(Leopard).

 One of the greatest features is the ability to copy the music from your iPod back to your computer or the other way around.  It’s a must have application if you have any kind of iPod.  Also it’s a back up safer.

5 comments on “DeTunes: Tool for Your iPod/iPhone/iPad

  1. It said you needed 10.5 + to use it. Still, I tried downloading the latest version, opened it and nothing happened. I then tried downloading version 1.0. Same thing happened. Next, I tried “expod”, because the website said to use that if you were running 10.4. Still, nothing happened. I then downloaded the earliest version of expod, that worked, but my device (iPod 5 Touch) did not show up. Any ideas? btw: Thanks for posting that anyway, it’s always better to have too many apps with some that don’t work than too little with apps that all work.

  2. Same to me. iOS 7.1 on iPad2 and iPhone5c . DeTunes has been working when iOS was 7 . I tried to use DeTunes but it can not show the inside files of iPhone running on iOS 7.1. I am looking foward for new version of DeTunes.

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