Youtube + Leopard Market

We are in great shape in 2014!   I have a list of applications that people have suggested for me that I’m looking forward to share with you very soon.  But before that, I want to share a great post from my “brother-blog”  PPCLUDDITE, who does great work to keep our “senior citizen” of technology alive and kicking since 2010.  Recently he found a very interesting way to watch Youtube videos, check this link for more information: .
I also want to share a project from a new blog/site that has a lot of potential and good ideas for PowerPC users.  They created an AppStore for PowerPC which they named “Leopard Market”.  As the name says, it’s pretty much for Leopard OS X and the forum links + news you can be reviewed here: .  But he also is behind the PowerPC Archive, a site that you will find great material to download and make your Mac PowerPC more productive, which I’ve linked right here: once you get there don’t forget to check the Blog category for news/tips/etc on the PowerPC Centre -
Keep your PowerPC ON.

3 comments on “Youtube + Leopard Market

  1. loving the blog, been collecting macs now since june of last year and have a great powerpc setup. This blog definitely helps!

  2. I recently decided to once again bring online my PPC (2004 G5 Dual 1.8) and use it. I have two Intel machines (2007 iMac and 2009 MacBook Pro) but I would swear that this G5 is faster. So I am using it more and more. Sure, my iMac is the main machine and the MacBook Pro gets used even more, but the G5 is my iTunes server and is starting to become more of a main machine, especially after I just installed a 1 TB hard drive.

    The idea of a PPC App store if really good news, but I wonder if it is just a duplicate of Macintosh Garden or I hope it becomes more than that to be honest.

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