IceClean PowerPC

I follow a very nice Facebook Page called: Mac OS X Tiger PPC and they post useful material that I felt obliged to share with you here.

They basically show that we have printer drivers installed that we don’t use, which can be found in Hard Drive/Library/Printers.  Carefully remove the folders for printers that you don’t use and you will likely save over 1GB of hard drive space!

A second tip to maximize your system is an application called IceClean, which is a powerful system maintenance and optimization tool using UNIX built-in System.

* IceClean 3.4.8 – PowerPC friendly – 10.4 (Tiger) / 10.5 (Leopard) – Powerful and simple –

5 comments on “IceClean PowerPC

  1. I have wiped off the .lproj folders of unused languages (for me : all but english and french) lying in all the apps packages in Applications and Utilities folders, it can also save about 1GB on your hard drive (although somewhat time-consuming with mouse and keyboard, I couldn’t find an application suited for this purpose).
    1. View the content of the package of an application (Ctrl + click on the icon) ;
    2. Type ‘ .lproj ‘ in the search field and click on the search icon ;
    3. Select all .lproj folders in the list except these of the languages you use and put them in the trash ;
    Repeat this for every application in the Applications and Utilities folder, and remind emptying the trash afterwards.

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