AvidemuX – Movie Editor (Free)

I wish I had more time to answer all the e-mails I get from my readers and to be able to do some research to help everybody find applications.  Unfortunately during the summer it’s difficult to find the time to spend hours in front of my computer.  Slowly as summer progresses into fall, you’ll see more from MacPowerPC!

A long time ago, a few people asked me about some applications to edit movies.  Obviously, my first answer is iMovie, I don’t do movie editing and if so it’s very basic!  In my travels, I’ve  come across a great program called Avidemux.

* Avidemux (2.5.3) – Free – PowerPC 10.2 (Jaguar here guys) or later.  It’s free open source and multi-platform software.  The interface might not be the best thing you have seen but the application is very straightforward. It supports video formats that iMovie does not and is very powerful for a simple cutting, filtering, and encoding. I might have to mention again that its FREE and this is what MacPowerPC is all about.

Download here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/avidemux/files/avidemux/2.5.3/

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One comment on “AvidemuX – Movie Editor (Free)

  1. Hiya, Really glad to find this blog, especially as I don’t blog myself or follow any really (except, now, yours), but I too am a stalwart G5 Tower-empowered frustrated-at-apple-corporate bloke.
    As the mighty basterdz rerelease my tower with (eyiuew!) Intel inside I find it particularly offensive (even if it is “good business sense” for the bottom line, not in my opinion it isn’t) for way more than monetary reasons; First, they (Apple) rush to obsolescence a machine that, surprise surprise, has continued to thrive long after the point at which they wanted the PPC to be worm food, and as one struggles to find new or exciting opportunities that aren’t labeled with the poisonous “Intel only” V-sign towards its’ original customer base of PPC users, or even more annoyingly, recurrences of the misnomers “Cross-Platform” and “Universal Binary”, it is so pleasing to see a resurgence of both interest and owners of these superb machines , keen not only to keep the beasts alive but feed them, too.
    And don’t even start me off in Adobe – as keen as Apple were to ditch us but also leaving the massive security vacuum of the flash plugin vs the PowerPC and the fact that neither company are responsible enough to cover their ENTIRE range of previously supported machines (there are security updates for Tiger, why was the whole left?), I’ve now spent at least a year flash free completely – only lumpy old Firefox and the PopVideo plugin by agunchan (http://fxthunder.com/en/#popvideo version 0.6.8 as I write) plus a few others but this Chinese one is great for abandoning flash as it pops an swf window out of the page for you and loads the vid there – and I can still get everything I want done.
    Getting to the first of two relevant points:
    1: I’ve never been able to get avidemux to work properly, maybe never even installed properly, and some of the features are baffling to me. I have a touch of ADD and so the reams of stuff to read through to get a more indepth functionality (or indeed – any functionality) out if it are more than I can cope with. (IS there a QuickStart guide/ installation guide/ help files for the idiot savantes of us out there who are more interested in the “doing things” rather than understanding the minutiae of HOW it is done, codecs, libs, blah, long-high-pitched-squealing; is there any kind of starter help for the program that can be understood by someone who isn’t familiar with EVERY LITTLE THING ???)
    Having confessed all that, it just doesn’t work at all on my g5, despite my best, if pathetic, attempts to get results out if it. I conclude, therefore, that while it may be good, but it’s certainly NOT for beginners.
    2: I ain’t no beginner. That’s mostly true, though I’ve only really been working with video since it succeeded my audio work, about three years(?) but with iMovie HD I’ve learnt a fair bit, put together some very professional Fan-Edits and so forth, and since my architecture (graphics card) didn’t like Final Cut, I’ve been forced to squeeze every bit of knowledge I can from it, which, though not much, when combined with audio talents and tricks, I do alright. Having said THAT, I’m always looking for alternate video editors and they truly are few and far between, sadly. The thing I’m getting at, is that for Truly Simple and intuitive quick and easy editing, QuickTime is so easily and often dismissed but is a vast resource of useful tricks in itself. For simple trimming etc, “clumsy” clip picking there’s simply nothing easier. SimpleMovieX swung my way fairly recently, and I’m exiting that with some verve as, unlike QuickTime , you can save in the original format most of the time, which is incredibly time-saving.

    Finally, as I haven’t counted the number of bullets I was planning to make, though definitely no genius, I’d be happy to offer you any video-app-type assistance you might find useful, especially from the creative end as that’s what I mainly do, audio and video, reviewing, usability and so forth.
    Plus – anyone with good plugin sources for iMovie I’m all ears!

    Thanks for keeping the torch lit.

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