VLC a PowerPC Friend

In a past post I listed VLC with a bunch of other audio players but I mentioned that it was a great movie player as well.  At that time I was using VLC as a good resource for my music media.  Recently I noticed that it got an update and this post here is to make sure that you will update this very PowerPC friendly application.  Can you believe that they’re still looking out for us after all these years?  This is Awesome so let’s show some PowerPC love to VLC when you play your music or videos.

VLC 2.0.8 (Free) – PowerPC 10.5 - http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html

Source FairerPlatform - http://fairerplatform.com/2013/06/vlc-for-mac-2-0-7-audio-codec-fixes-powerpc-love-more/

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6 comments on “VLC a PowerPC Friend

    • I agree with Zen and you Rodolfo, but I won’t make any changes in this post because the idea of this blog is sharing information/opinions/experience. I’m really glad to see you guys posting about your favourite version of VLC and this comments will definitely help some users to make more research about it. Thanks!

  1. Well guys, you’re not exactly right. Although previous version of VLC may be better in terms of performance, it it unable to play 10-bit video files, which is very important for me as a fan of anime series. Also, I don’t remember exactly but I guess that previous VLC had problems with displaying .ass subtitles and karaoke effects.
    VLC 2 and further is a really good application, and bless them for constant updates!

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