AirServer Mirroring your PowerPC

If you are looking to mirror a device on your Mac screen here is a good option, to start with.  AirServer is an Airplay receiver for Mac/PC.  It allows you to receive Airplay similar to an Apple TV so you can stream content or mirror your display from your iOS.

AirServer – 3.1.2 (Tiger/Leopard) PowerPC friendly – Download here:

They have different licenses with different prices starting from $3.99 to $14.99, check which one best fits your needs.

For more informations:

Picture 3

5 comments on “AirServer Mirroring your PowerPC

  1. I just noticed you already have AirServer here. To anyone else that finds this, any email seems to unlock the trial into full functionality.

  2. Could someone please upload the 3.1.2 dmg file because the site has changed and it actually doesn’t allow to download old releases.

  3. You can actually download it by going to the complete version history, but the program is improperly built so that the installer doesn’t work and if you extract the packages with something else (i.e. Pacifist) the .app file has ppc libraries but an x86 only application so it doesn’t run.

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