Run LinuX Run!

Who ever thought to install a second Operational System on your machine?  It could have been for fun, for security reasons or even just to have an extra option, why not?  In fact there are tons of personal reasons why you might install your favorite distro, but questions like “Which distro should I install?”, “How do I know that I will like CRUX PPC instead of Debian, Fedora, Lubuntu, Xubuntu?”.  Which distro will best fit your needs?  It’s hard to tell.  We have saved some links and are happy to share some shortcuts with you.  Choose your favorite distro and let it run free!

Apple PowerPC Wiki –


PenquinPPC –

Linux Mint PPC –

Debian for PowerPC -

LinuxPowerPC –

Ubuntu Wiki –

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6 comments on “Run LinuX Run!

    • Most will find Gentoo extremely less user friendly than Lubuntu or Mint. I’m a through-and through Debian guy and I’ve not yet had the fortitude to get through a Gentoo install. (I’ve tried on x86 though – and it’s one h*ll of a trip man.)

      There is also Fedora, Yellow Dog and others.

  1. I’ve just installed Ubuntu (latest distro) on my iBook G4 (Late model) and it’s running beautifully. Seems to be the way forward I reckon if Apple won’t support PPC. Going to do it on the G5 next.

  2. Tried Lubuntu 14 and the video was horrible and unreadable on my G5. Even using the help given on the Known Issues page. MintPPC website is partially down as of today and that gives me no confidence at all in the distro, not to mention it is also 3 years old at this point. Crux is not being developed any more as of 2012. Yellow Dog is even older.

    Sigh. Looks like I have to stay with OS X.

    • I just checked and both portions of the site are up. The last release was 11, but it was based on Wheezy, which is the current Debian stable. I anticipate Wheezy to be supported at least until May 2016. I am slowly working on a MintPPC 13 based on Jessie, but Jessie has a lot of problems and is a moving target. Hope this clarifies

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