Roccat to Russia

I think our favorite list of browsers have just increased!  Right now my top 5 are of no secret to anyone and I always post about them.  TenFourFox, AuroraFox, WebKit Leopard, SeaMonkey and Camino/Omniweb are basically the guardians of browsers for the PowerPC, but Roccat Browser surprised me a lot.  It’s very fast to browse the internet and the good news is now we are able to watch videos on Youtube without that annoying pause and delay!

Some features like FusedBar and Facebook/Twitter integration is also a plus. Ad-Remover is a really nice touch and I have to mention that I like the clean layout, and the visual tabs are able to be positioned anywhere you prefer.

Let’s show some love and spread the word for all the PowerPC community and make sure that the people behind this project know that there are PowerPC users using this Browser so they will still (I hope) create updates for our system!

Roccat Browser 3.0 (Free) – PowerPC – Leopard/10.5.

You guys can leave some comments for the developers here: make sure to mention you are running their software on a PowerPC.

P.S.: For the tittles I’m taking reference from some music or records.

7 comments on “Roccat to Russia

  1. I had downloaded it this past weekend, to my 1.67GHz Powerbook G4. It would not launch. It bounced and bounced then quit. Over and over again. Error message stated it quit unexpectedly. I re-downloaded it, same thing. Anybody else have this problem with Roccat 3.0? Using Leopard 10.5.8.

    Leopard Web Kit works nicely however.

    • Hi Don
      Roccat browser is running just fine on my iMac G5 running 10.5.8. In fact is really good to watch Youtube videos. The only issue I’m having for some reason I can make it work the integrations with Facebook/Twitter. Other than that is all good.

  2. It is fast in that it doesnt max out the processor….

    But as for actually using it…i could only get one website to load. Every tab I try wont load a site. Even this site wont load. It just says “Working..”. Left it alone for 10 minutes and its still “working”.

    Had my hopes up cause I have been using Aurora, which is slightly better in performance from TenFourFox. Though it still lags and uses up the processor with almost every site I frequent.

  3. I found a great system to watch Youtube movies on a very old Mac with low specs.
    Use Firefox addon “Agent Switcher”. Download the extra user agents in the list “useragentswitcher.xml” (you will find the URL in the addon options).
    Then use user agent “Firefox Fennec 10.0.1″. It will force Youtube to show the mobile version and movies will be opened in Quicktime (not in the browser). They are running smooth and fast in Quicktime, even on an iBook single processor and only 512MB of memory!!!

  4. I’m really loving Roccat so far. Almost to the point of abandoning TenFourFox. This browser is incredibly fast. I love how I can finally watch YouTube without the lag and view all my websites without any problems. I haven’t really tried out the social features but i’ve noticed a few problems with RClouds. While trying to login, the input boxes are white and I the window itself is hiding the Login, Create Account options etc. The only way I can view them is to press “F9″ but that alone won’t help me with filling out the credentials.

  5. I have got a question: which webkit is used if I use Roccat on my iBook G4 (Leopard 10.5). Is it the most recent Webkit or is it just the older webkit of Leopard?

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