Spreading the Word for SeaMonkey 2.15.2

RELEASE NOTICE – SeaMonkey 2.15.2 RELEASE + LIBRARIES for PPC is available as of 2/18/2013


This version includes the libraries libstdc++ and libgcc which are unique to the MacPorts GCC 4.7 compiler which I use. Took some doing to modify the Make system to get them to get the libraries in the right directories and adjust the internal search paths accordingly but it all works. I’ve checked it out on a pristine 10.5.8 G4 Powerbook so it should be a go for those who have had problems with not having the correct libraries in particular libstdc++. I’m not sure why many others haven’t had problems or maybe they just didn’t report it and gave up on SeaMonkey but I hope they’ll give this a try and will get the G4 out of the closet and online ! I hope to see some feedback both bad ( hopefully not now ) and good under Issue 19 https://code.google.com/p/seamonkey-ppc/issues/detail?id=19 Take the usual precautions ! Backup your profile. Enjoy Thanks for your Support and help spread the word.

6 comments on “Spreading the Word for SeaMonkey 2.15.2

  1. I haven’t followed SeaMonkey exhaustively lately, but it’s always had a soft place in my heart that takes me back to the days of Netscape 4. Does this mean PPC Macs now have the current Mozilla rendering engine available or is it still some versions behind?

  2. I like Seamonkey. On my older Powermac (350Mhz ADP Single Core, 1GB Mem, running 10.4.11) it is the only browser that runs smooth. I only don’t like the color of the button icons (green, red…) – it’s a bit windows-like… If somebody would know how to give Seamonkey the looks of Safari, please tell me…!

  3. Thehyperone, yes, that’s the current engine. TenFourFox also has it.
    PowerMac4Ever, you can probably use a skin to make it look like Safari.

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