Browsers Update on PowerPC

A while ago we mentioned Browsers for PowerPC in few of our posts.  We also mentioned a few updates from those Browsers, because we believe it is important to have applications updated as much as possible.  Here is our list of recently updated Browsers, which are probably the Big Four for PowerPC, these days.

* TenFourFox – 17.0 – or 

* AuroraFox – 19.0a2 – or 

* SeaMonkey – 2.14_1 –

* Leopard WebKit – 129056 – or

17 comments on “Browsers Update on PowerPC

    • Thanks for sharing that eastone. I just downloaded Roccat and it’s a very interesting browser and looks really nice and clean. It was fast loading some of the pages I visit and does have a better html5 I’ve been a Camino user for years and am wondering if they are still moving toward a Webkit version. They still update their beta with nightly releases about every 2-3 weeks and I’m hoping they stick around…

  1. Still a little confused because most video out there is flash and I can play flash just fine (low res) on g4 PowerBook with safari but it seems that even with tenfourfox add on I will not be able to view flash

    • The Quicktime Enabler add-on is for viewing YouTube videos. After you install and you go to a video, you just right click anywhere on the page and select to open in Quicktime. There are usually 3 options that show when you right click (480, 720, 1080.) Videos that have banner ads in them or notations don’t usually work and I don’t think it works with flash sites or flash based advertising on sites, just YouTube videos. If you are looking for a way to just play flash videos, I know there’s a hack out there for getting the Flash player version 11 on powerpc. The only thing though is that because flash 10 and 11 had so many bugs it’s really not secure. You can find out how to do this here:

  2. Please don’t forget about:

    Omniweb, superb browser, fast. Has its own webkit engine, maintained by the Omnigroup.

    iCab. Version 5.01 is webkit based as well, Leopard only, and a very nice browser. Developer has a consistent history of maintaing backwards compatibility with older Mac OS versions for longer than anyone. Version 4.9 still supports Panther.

    With Greasekit installed both of the above can play youtube vidoes in the browser (360p on anything faster than a 800mhz G4) using quicktime via viewtube, which can be found at userscripts dot org. Must have Perian installed for flv playback, but I find the low def mp4 works best on my 1.07 ghz ibook G4

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  4. iCab has just released a universal binary version that runs fine on my Powermac G5 (Leopard). iCab is the only browser that I know of that continues to maintain its PowerPC verison with the same features as the Intel version, releasing both at the same time. I use it as my default browser.

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